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    Mastering Your LED Digital Signage: A Comprehensive Guide for Setup, Programming, and Management

    This guide is designed to simplify the process, from initial setup to ongoing management, ensuring your digital signage meets your communication goals efficiently.
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    4X4 Installation Guide for Your New LED Sign

    LED Screen Assembly Instructions Tools and Materials Needed: 3 by 4 panels M8 silver bolts (14mm or 13mm wrench required) M10 black bolts (17mm socket required) X brackets Flat ribbon cables Power cables Modules 3mm Allen Wrench Safety hook Assembly Process: Prepare the Panel: Start by taking one of the...
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    From Pieces to Masterpiece - How to Install LED Price Signs

    Our brilliant LED sign engineers at our Houston office are eager to unveil the process behind assembling the vibrant digital signs you often spot at gas stations and convenience stores. Crafting Brilliance - LED Gas Sign Assembly Unveiled Ever wondered how those dazzling LED gas signs come together? The video...
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    Module Replacement guide: How To Install and Replace Your LED Modules

    The X Series LED module is a revolutionary LED module that can be replaced in under a minute. Step 1: Identify the two lock points on the module.  Step 2: Insert a 3mm Hex key and twist counterclockwise. Step3: Carefully remove the module from the screen and disconnect the: Power...
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    How to Install Your LED Modules

    Discover the step-by-step process of installing LED modules securely and efficiently. This guide provides essential instructions on connecting flat ribbon and power cables, identifying and securing lock points, and aligning the modules properly on your LED sign. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional in LED installations, our guide...
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    Installation Instructions: Making or Repairing Flat Ribbon Cables for LED Signs

    Making or repairing flat ribbon cables for LED signs involves measuring and cutting the required cable length, identifying cable orientation through distinctive markers like a pink stripe and label, and securely crimping connectors in the right position. Attention to the position of the connector’s tongue and secure capping are crucial...
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    Complete Assembly and Installation Manual for LED Signs

    From unboxing the delivery crate with your LED sign to connecting your brightness sensors. Find everything you need to get started
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    XIGNZ - LED Sign Assembly in under 5 minutes

    The XIGNZ modular platform speeds up the assembly process for LED Signs. With our XIGNZ platform, we can ship orders in days rather than weeks.
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    How to assemble your led sign

    This video illustrates the steps to assemble / set up your LED sign after removing the sections from the crate.  Assembly Instructions   Step 1  Align the LED Sign Sections  After unpacking your X Series LED Sign, arrange your sign cabinets in sequence so that a clear hole aligns with threaded hole.  Step 2  Insert The Bolts  Insert the...
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