Car Top LED Display

Greet commuters on the streets with smart rooftop digital screens

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Smart Brightness Sensors 

Outglare the sun, let the sensors worry about the visibility and readability of the adverts 

Weather adaptable

The Elite series work 24x7, amid heavy rain and snow showers without needing a break.

Wirelessly Programmable 

Remotely play ads from all around the world.  

Compatible Roof Racks   

From hatch back and sedans to SUV to pick-up trucks, find roof rack for all car sizes


Up to 5 years with prorated warranty for replacements

Easy Installation

With a #2 Phillips install the sign with infinite ease 

new paradigm

A new paradigm with a familiar design

The Elite series takes the traditional shape of a conventional taxi top sign. So it's possible to connect to most roofs. Whether directly or using standard roof racks.

Car Top LED from $3,840

Digital advertising on the go

The Elite Series taxi top screen introduces a new level of flexibility and convenience to outdoor advertising. Now you can deliver the message to your audience in living color wherever they are.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400
digital advertising
percat balance

The perfect balance of power

Digital advertising will put any battery to the test. With bright lights come more power-hungry electronics - until now. The Elite series Taxi top adjusts power output to match the displayed content to environmental conditions. As your car moves through the city, your sign runs greener at every passing shade. Then powers up to stand out in the sun.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400

Believe it. It's digital.

Now with over 16,000 pixels per square foot. The Elite series takes mobile digital advertising to a whole new level. Think print quality output but on a mobile digital screen.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400
Believe it. It's digital.
Maximum visibility every hour of the day

Maximum visibility every hour of the day

Conquer the streets with confidence. The included light sensor works around the clock to maximize the visibility of your screen. The Elite taxi top screens adjust automatically to changing conditions to ensure your audience is never in the dark.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400

Technical Specifications

ledsigncity product Screen dimensions:
12.6 inches x 37.8 inches
ledsigncity product Resolution:
128 pixels x 384 pixels
ledsigncity product Brightness:
4500 nits
ledsigncity product Power Requirements:
up to 570 watts

Landed Cost

Start a DOOH in your car with the all-inclusive Elite Series Taxi Top LED sign package!

  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Setup and training
  • Full two-year replacement parts warranty
  • An extended three-year limited parts exchange warranty
  • 1-year Free mobile broadband service
     to keep track of your investment and make changes quickly
  • One-year free priority tech support

Buy 1 taxi top sign 

Price starts at $3,840

Need more than 5?

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Software Capabilities

Our Elite Series Taxi Top LED sign comes with a plethora of flexibility. The built-in software helps users find the easiest ways to maximize the viewing experience for their audience. Explore the cornucopia of benefits!

Transition Effects ledsigncity product
Text ledsigncity product
Photo ledsigncity product
Video ledsigncity product
Slideshow ledsigncity product
Clock ledsigncity product
Weather ledsigncity product
Countdown ledsigncity product
Schedule ledsigncity product



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Start advertising on the go!

Start advertising on the go!

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