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  • Q: How to Build Your LED Sign Online?

    It's easy with our online builder! Here's how to get started in just a few clicks:

    Select the LED Sign Dimension: Enter the height and width of your sign in feet (type "4x6" for a 4ft tall, 6ft wide sign).

    Explore Suggestions: Based on your size, the builder will automatically suggest suitable options.

    Customize & Create: Click your chosen option to unlock the full customization stage and bring your vision to life!

  • Q: Can I get a quote for both the sign and its installation?

    Absolutely! We'd be happy to provide a quote for both the sign itself and its installation. We can even deliver the sign right to your address and have it professionally installed on your structure.

    To give you the most accurate quote possible, though, we'll need some additional information:

    Location of the installation: Knowing the exact location will help us determine any potential delivery or installation considerations.

    State of the structure: Is it an existing structure where the sign will be mounted, or will a new structure need to be built from scratch? Knowing this will help us assess the installation complexity and provide a more precise quote.

    Once we have this information, we can quickly whip up a personalized quote that includes both the sign and its installation, ensuring you get the perfect package for your needs.

  • Q: How long is the Warranty?

    Industry-leading 15-year warranty. First two years, we provide parts at the total replacement value. Year 3-15 parts are provided based on the remaining useful life of the component.

  • Q: What is the lead time?

    From when you place your order to when it arrives, it is 6-8 weeks. Larger projects require more time to ensure perfection.

  • Q: Do you offer financing?

    Yes, you can stretch your payment and increase your cash flow. We also offer attractive finance packages with no or low interest from 12 -60 months.

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