The 411: Everything you need to know to
build your next Outdoor LED Sign.

How to build the most effective outdoor LED sign without knowing the difference between a pixel and a pitch?

New to LED SIGNS? Thats ok! Your answer to these four (4) questions will give you everything you need to build your perfect outdoor LED Sign.

  • What are the dimensions of your LED sign?
  • How far away is the LED sign from the audience?
  • Is your LED sign in direct sunlight, or is it in the shade of buildings / trees?
  • Can your audience see both sides of your sign?

Step 1: Select your screen size to start building your LED Sign.

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Build an outdoor LED sign
Modular Outdoor sign

Help customers find your business with a custom LED sign!

Buy our outdoor led sign and stop losing business to anonymity! Instantly Increase your business visibility with a new Modular Outdoor LED Sign. Use our outdoor LED signs to market your products effectively to attract and retain more customers.

Tough rugged outdoor LED signs
that are easy on the eyes.

Your outdoor advertising needs demand tough, rugged outdoor LED signs that are easy to read and understand. That's what you get with our full line of outdoor LED signs. Our custom-led signs come in a beautiful slim modular chassis. The LED screen is edgeless, increasing your ads' viewing area. The all-aluminum construction protects your LED sign from the elements. So share your message around the clock on a beautiful programmable digital signage screen.

In a few steps, you can build your full-color- LED outdoor billboard and improve your ability to MARC (market, attract, and retain customers) locally.

A new kind of outdoor LED sign. We call it XIGNZ! The ultimate custom LED sign.

These days the latest tech gets old really quick. So we build XIGNZ that don't age!

Have you seen those ugly pixelated digital signs that seem to get worse by the day? Wow! Those outdated LED signs make us cringe!

You should feel good about your LED sign purchase. So, we created XIGNZ, the secret to reversing the effects of age. The effects of aging on LED Signs, that is. Imagine an LED sign that has years of constant development. Then introduces new interchangeable components generation after generation.

The secret is XIGNZ' revolutionary modular form factor. XIGNZ is unlike any of the other so-called modular led signs out there. We take modular to the component level by making every part interchangeable, from the screws inside to the LED modules on the front. XIGNZ is a cost-effective solution to keep your sign looking better as it ages.

XIGNZ outdoor LED signs are more than just beautiful screens! The modular form factor means that XIGNZ is not only upgradeable, but this line of outdoor led signs is also scalable, reconfigurable, and 100% movable. XIGNZ is a full line of custom LED signs that can last a lifetime.

Build your programmable outdoor LED sign powered by XIGNZ

XIGNZ is your scale-able, upgrade-able LED sign solution.

Create more convincing ADS

Our higher-resolution screens let you share ads in the format your audience wants to see. Use images and videos to connect with your audience. Make a splash with bold text that makes your messages stand out.

Led sign that grows with you

Having an outdoor LED sign is way better than some other sign that sits still! So why let size limit your progress? Get the custom outdoor led sign your business needs now. Then increase the size later if necessary.

XIGNZ gets better with age

We can agree that the latest technology gets old very quickly. That's the reason there is an all-new iPhone every year. Protect your digital signage investment with XIGNZ. Get the custom outdoor led signs that shine better and brighter with age.

Build your custom outdoor LED sign today.

Fully Programmable LED signs you can use to provide real time updates. And it gets better with the Easiest LED Sign Software available.

Yes, ADs look amazing on our LED signs. But did you know that you can use these custom-led signs to display real-time updates on prices, events, weather, temperature, and more from anywhere worldwide?

Thats right! No more cables or USB drives. Program your LED sign from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Build your programmable outdoor led sign powered by XIGNZ

Why Choose LED Sign City for Your Digital Signage Needs?

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Exceptional Value: Unbeatable Pricing

Competitive Pricing: With prices starting at just $382 per square foot, we offer significant savings over the $625-$850 range typical of big industry names.


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Enjoy peace of mind with our 15-year warranty, far exceeding the standard 1-5 year warranties offered elsewhere.

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