image edits for
LED signs

Freshen up Logos and Ad copies
Retouch photos​ for outdoor advertising​


Build an uber-cool professional persona​ Low-resolution logos on high-definition adverts tell the audience a tale of a struggling brand and builds a sloppy image.​

Look good when telling people what you are good at​ Establish a
 consistent image of your business in your customer's mind​

What kind of

Background Removal Services

do local businesses need?​

background removal

Background Blurring:

To keep the focus on the product and not the surrounding​

Transparent Background:

To use images and logos on dynamic platforms such as websites and social medias as display pictures​

background removal

Background Removal:

Use edited images to build adverts like a professional designer without spending hours on correcting the image​

Background Merging:

When fusing two images into one, the different resolution and contrast of each image make the whole picture look second-rate​

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