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Don't let installation and wiring slow down your outdoor marketing campaigns. 

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Fast and Easy​

LED Digital Billboard Installation ​

Every opportunity to convert a potential lead is essential for success. A professional LED sign installer knows why that opportunity should not be missed. We ensure that your LED panels won't gather dust, while your audience becomes increasingly distracted. ​

Make the most out of your investment.​ Let the subject matter experts cover all the assembling, wiring, and installation bases while you see to your business needs.​

LED Digital Billboard Installation ​

Choose your plan

Replace Existing LED Sign

Retire the sign that is no longer useful with something new

LED Sign Replacement Replace

Expand Existing LED Sign

Build a bigger billboard. Draw attention of a wider crowd

Expand Existing Sign Expand

Turnkey New LED Sign

Build the structure where the sign will be mounted from the ground up.

New Sign Installation + Turnkey Turnkey
Sign Site
Pole strength
Wiring status
Curated support
Pole Height Increase
Swap old sign
Reinforce structure
Concrete footing
Reassemble the sign
Obtain permit
Pole mount
Terminate existing power connections

Outdoor Sign Installation Struggles

Some Mistakes Cost Business Money

Why do so many things go wrong during LED sign installations?

Yeah, it’s not you, it’s usually the rush to get it done and over with ASAP that causes all the problems!

New Installations: Everything seems to go wrong when you try to get a new sign placed on a maiden site. While doing it all solo you may find:

  • The pole height was off by a few inches
  • Weird power source connections issues have manifested
  • The panels are bolted incorrectly
  • The wires have tangled into a ball of yarn
  • Some of the LED modules are blank and the connection scrambled

Replacements: Sometimes a simple swap can end up in a delay because your existing sign fooled you into believing that: 

  • The frame is strong enough for the replacements
  • The wiring has totally NOT fried and fused itself into the frame

Expansion: A good move but it could go astray when some factors are underestimated, such as

  • The pole or the sign structure is not strong enough
  • The new panels have outgrown the mounting structure
Why do so many things go wrong during LED sign installations?
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