Assemble and Install LED Signs

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1. Introduction:

📖 Start Here! Quick Intro to LED Sign Assembly!

2. What Comes with Your LED Sign?

📦 Unbox Your LED Sign! Discover What's Included!

3. Handling and Unpacking the LED Sign:

🛠️ Handle with Care! Unpack Your LED Sign the Right Way!

4. Assembling Your LED Sign:

🧑‍🔧 Easy Assembly! Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Your LED Sign!

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5. Installing the Supporting X-Brackets:

🛠️ Sturdy & Secure! Learn How to Install Supporting X-Brackets!

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6. Connecting Signal and Power Cables:

🔌 Stay Powered! Connect Your Power & Signal Cables Correctly!

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7. Connecting Your Brightness Sensor:

🌞 Adjust the Light! Quick Guide to Connecting Your Brightness Sensor!

8. Connecting Your LED Sign’s Network Antenna:

📡 Stay Connected! How to Link Up Your LED Sign’s Network Antenna!

9. Extending the Image with Signal Cables:

🖼️ Expand Your View! Extend the Image on Your LED Sign!

10. Mounting Ideas for Your LED Sign:

🧱 Hang it Right! Explore Mounting Ideas for Your LED Sign!

11. Connecting Sign to a Software:

🌞 Start playing and scheduling ads 24/7!

 Click here to learn more about LED sign installations and assembly 


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