Updating Content on Your LED Sign Using VNNOX Online

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VNNOX is the online counterpart of Viplex and Viplex Handy. It allows you to update content on your LED sign remotely, providing flexibility and convenience.

  1. Accessing VNNOX Online:
    • Visit VNNOX Online.
    • Enter your username and password to log in.
  2. Uploading Media Files:
    • Click on the Content tab.
    • Select Add Media.
    • Choose the images and videos you wish to display on your sign and upload them.
  3. Setting the Screen Resolution:
    • Navigate to the Solutions tab.
    • Click on Select Player.
    • Set your screen resolution accordingly.
  4. Creating Your Display Solutions:
    • Using the media you've uploaded, create your display solution.
    • Format your images to ensure they fill the screen. Double-check alignments, cropping, and overall appearance to make sure everything looks as desired.
  5. Publishing Content to Your Sign:
    • Once you're satisfied with the setup, hit the Publish button. This will upload and display the content on your LED sign.

Harness the power of VNNOX to keep your content fresh and relevant, no matter where you are. Happy publishing!

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