Steps to Change the IP Address of Your Sign in XM Player

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Open Terminal and Server List:

    • To easily access the terminal and server list, act as if you're sending a new program to your sign.
  1. Navigate to 'File' Menu:

    • Go to the 'File' menu at the top and select 'Send Current Program.' This action will automatically open the terminal and server list for you.
  2. Locate IP Address:

    • Browse through the list and click on the IP address corresponding to the sign you wish to modify.
  3. Access Configuration Settings:

    • After selecting the IP address, click on 'Config' followed by 'Set IP.'
  4. Enter New IP and Subnet Mask:

    • You'll now have the option to enter a new IP address and subnet mask. Ensure you enter valid values that correspond with your network settings.
  5. Check Subnet Mask:

    • It’s crucial to verify your network settings to determine what your subnet mask should be. Do not leave the default values, especially if it shows as

Caution: If the process is not done correctly or is interrupted while sending the settings, you'll need to reset the default IP address manually:

  • Access your sign's controller.
  • Push and hold the 'Test' button on the sign for 30 seconds.
  • This will reset the IP address to its default, which is

By following these steps, you can successfully change the IP address and subnet mask for your sign. Always remember to enter the correct subnet mask for your network to avoid any issues.

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