A Simple Guide to Uploading Videos on Vnnox for Your LED Sign

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Follow this quick guide to seamlessly upload your video to Vnnox and get your content shining bright.

Step 1: Sign in to the Vnnox account

Step 2: Upload Your Video

Head to the "Content" tab and upload your video file. Simple, right?

Step 3: Add a New Solution

Move to the "Solution" tab and click "Add New Solution."

Pro Tip: In Vnnox, a "Solution" is essentially a playlist or a collection of content items. When you create a solution, you're organizing multiple images, videos, and texts into one cohesive playlist. This allows you to easily manage and display a sequence of content on your LED sign without manual intervention


Step 4: Name Your Solution

  • Give your solution a memorable name to keep things organized.

  • Click the "Player" button and select the appropriate player from the list

  • Click "OK" to confirm your choice



Step 5: Select Your Video File

Click the folder icon 📁, choose your uploaded video file from Step 2, and click OK



Step 6:  Link the Video to Your Solution

  • Select your newly uploaded video file

  • Click "OK" to link it to your solution.



Step 7:  Publish Your Video

Hit "Publish" to send your video to the player.


Step 8:Display on Your LED Sign

Now to post the video to your sign, select your player and press OK


There you have it! Your video is now primed to captivate your audience.

Happy showcasing!

Bonus Tip:

Did you know you can also show the local temperature and weather on your LED sign? 

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