How to Show Local Temperature and Video Ads on Your LED Sign

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Your curbside LED sign is a versatile tool for grabbing attention and keeping your audience informed. This guide dives into two key functionalities: displaying the current temperature and uploading dynamic video ads.

Enhancing Visibility with Temperature Display:

  • Informative Updates: Keep your viewers informed by showcasing the current temperature on your sign. This is a great way to attract customers seeking local weather information, especially for businesses like convenience stores, cafes, or gyms.
  • Customization Options: Play around with the text size, color, and position on the screen to match your overall design preferences.


Adding Excitement with Video Ads:

  • Engaging Content Creation: Craft a video ad that captures attention and effectively communicates your message. Ensure the video format and size are compatible with your LED sign
  • Scheduling for Impact: Schedule your video ad to play at specific times throughout the day or set it to loop continuously. This ensures maximum exposure for your message.

Simple Process, Big Impact:

While this guide provides a foundational overview, refer to the VVNOX software manual or support resources for detailed instructions on content creation, size requirements, and advanced features.

Unlocking Your Sign's Potential:

By incorporating temperature displays and captivating video ads, your LED sign transforms into a dynamic communication tool. Keep your audience informed and engaged, ultimately driving sales and brand awareness!

Want to learn how to design your ad?

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