XIGNZ LED Platform

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We offer one solution that addresses all your concerns. Introducing XIGNZ

XIGNZ is a modular platform that provides solutions for the majors problems you would never expect after buying your LED sign. XIGNZ is the core component of a growing market of scalable, upgradeable LED signs that will last a lifetime. And the longer you own it, the more you will save. We offer an expansive series of interchangeable components to keep your sign going far beyond the 3/5/7 year warranties you get with other LED signs. 

The unique ability to replace today's modules with new LED modules not even designed yet is a game-changer. With XIGNZ, you can add to your sign in the future. Yes, you can increase your LED sign's size or reconfigure the proportions. XIGNZ makes it possible to upgrade Your sign's resolution and brightness so that you can keep it looking like new. You can have peace of mind knowing that you can upgrade the control card and software if the current versions are no longer available.  

We created XIGNZ because we want you to feel great about your LED sign purchase for generations to come. That, and we don't like ugly signs :) XIGNZ is an easy and cost-effective solution to help your LED promote you with the best lights.  

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