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Our programmable digital signs are not the generic off-the-shelf led sign you expect to find in an online marketplace. We use a precision die-cast aluminum process to mold aluminum alloy into the perfect modular led sign. Our proprietary modular led sign offers scalable and upgradeable possibilities that no other manufacturer can. Imagine the security you get from investing in a digital sign that you can upgrade over time. Think about how much time and money you save because you can replace components instead of the entire sign. Our modular led sign is your secret weapon to win the admiration of customers and the respect of peers. Order yours now and give yourself the peace of mind to invest your time where it matters.  


Led signs deliver short messages to convince audience to take action. Let us help you deliver more effective messages consistently over a longer period of time.

Short List of Features 

Better Build Quality

High-grade metals, more robust plastics, and a precision fitment create a rigid structure that performs exceptionally well in water exclusion and wind resistance tests

Media playback

Supports relevant file formats so you can captivate the audience's attention using photos and videos.


Higher Visibility

Three significant features in one. 

Brighter LED Bulbs means your audience can see and read your sign in sunlight.

Wider Viewing angles create more opportunities for your audience to read your sign no matter which angle they get.

Auto brightness sensor reduces safety risks and increases the readability of your led sign at night.


Together Brighter LED lights, wider viewing angles, and the auto-brightness sensor ensure your message is seen from nearly every angle, day or night.


Convenient Connection Options

A Wireless Control system lets you conveniently update your led sign from your phone, tablet, or PC.


Longer life cycle

Modular design means your sign will last longer and have lower maintenance costs than other led sign options. Plus you have the unique ability to upgrade your sign when new technology becomes available.


Frequent questions

How to order:

Scroll to the top, enter the dimensions you need, select your resolution and confirm if you need a single or double-sided sign. Add to Cart and Check Out. 


Finance Options

If you need financing, contact us for the application link; once approved, return to this page and check out. 


What happens after your order?

After your purchase, we will contact you to verify your selections. We may perform a brief assessment to ensure that your selections will help your business or organization today.


How long is the Warranty?

Your led sign purchase comes with two warranties:

  1. Two (2) Year Comprehensive warranty that provides replacements for components with factory defects
  2. Additional (3) year warranty that provides prorated charges based on the remaining useful life of the part

What is the lead time?

The current lead time is 4-6 weeks. Express production and delivery are available at an extra charge.


What about customer reviews?

You can view more customer reviews on google by searching LED Sign City Delaware on google. And you can view LED Sign City Customer testimonials on our website and YouTube.


Ready to order?

Scroll to the top of the page to make your selection.

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