Guidance On IP Address Management For LED Signs

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⚙️ Resetting the Sign's Default IP Address:

Before adjusting your IP address, ensure you reset the sign's default IP.

  1. Access the Controller:
    • 🖼️ Internal Controller Signs: Remove the module located in front of the controller to access it.
    • 🎛️ External Player Users: Simply open the control box.
  2. Locate the Reset Button:
    • 🔍 Find the reset button, which is conveniently placed next to the green 3.5mm jack on the card's side.
  3. Resetting Steps:
    • 🔌 Make sure the controller is on.
    • 🕰️ Press and firmly hold the reset button for about 30 seconds.
    • ✋ Release the button thereafter.
    • ⏳ Patiently wait for the sign to reboot. This typically takes around 1 minute.

🌐 Changing Your Sign's IP Address:

With your sign successfully rebooted, you're set to modify its IP address. For a detailed guide on this, kindly refer to our dedicated article: 

🔗 Steps to Change the IP Address of Your Sign in XM Player

We hope this clarifies the procedure. If any doubts persist, our support team is here to assist you!

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