ThreeNine Series Extra Bright Double-Sided Outdoor SMD Full Color Programmable Wireless LED Sign

ThreeNine Series digital LED Sign ThreeNine Series of LED Signs provides the best outdoor digital displays from LED Sign City on...
Display Height * 2 Feet
Display Width * 2 Feet
Display Resolution * Spotlight Series

ThreeNine Series Extra Bright Double-Sided Outdoor SMD Full Color Programmable Wireless LED Sign


LED Sign City "Open Pro-Vision" Window Sign

Boost your business's visibility with our dynamic LED open sign. Unlike static signs, our programmable LED sign captures attention, keeps content fresh, and ensures your storefront stands out, day or night.

Key Features:

  • Attracts more foot traffic with bright, colorful, and dynamic displays.
  • Spotlights sales and specials in real-time.
  • Showcases products, new inventory, and menu items.
  • Establishes branding with logos, taglines, and personalized designs.
  • Provides seasonal messages and graphics.

Dimensions: 12.6 inch x 25.2 inch.

Why Our LED Sign Over Static Signs?

  • Dynamic Appeal: Static signs can become invisible over time, but our LED sign's ever-changing messages and visuals captivate and draw in customers.
  • Customization: Change content on the fly, ensuring your sign is always relevant.
  • Versatility: From showcasing promotions to flashing "OPEN" and "CLOSED", the possibilities are endless.
  • Energy-Efficient: Modern LEDs ensure minimal power usage with maximum brightness.
  • Long-lasting: Designed to function for years without a drop in brightness or color quality.

    Software Features:
    Simple-to-navigate software offers:

  • Personal graphics and message uploads.
  • Inclusion of logo and brand colors.
  • Quick content swaps for highlighting new products, revised hours, and special promos.

Unique Benefits:

Scalable XIGNZ

XIGNZ is the center of a unique proprietary design that enables unlimited possibilities for your sign to grow with your business. Unlike most LED signs built to satisfy specific zoning requirements, you can expand or reconfigure XIGNZ to meet your needs.

Upgradeable XIGNZ

Our Modular Platform satisfies today's needs, and it will save you money tomorrow. Configure your LED sign for your required environment, viewing distance, and display size. Then upgrade it whenever you want for a small fraction of the original investment.

More Flexibility

XIGNZ has a wide range of LED screen options that deliver high-quality visuals. XIGNZ can be configured with LED modules for every environment, viewing distance and sign size. The best part is that most jobs only require a hex key and a Phillips screw driver.

DisPlay Resolution

Each LED module's total pixels determine the sign's resolution. We refer to this as the pixels
per module or PPM. Higher PPM will create smoother images and videos.   LED Sign City's GR8IMG
 Series offers three high-resolution choices.  

The Beacon HD has 48 rows and 48 columns of pixels creating a pixel density of 2304 pixels per module (PPM).

The Beacon has 40 rows and 40 columns, creating a pixel density of 1600 pixels per module (PPM).

The Spotlight has 32 rows and 32 columns, creating a pixel density of 1024 pixels per module (PPM)

Best Viewing distance

Display resolution plays a significant role in determining the right sign for your project. Each millimeter spacing between pixels requires the viewer to be at least 10 feet away from your LED sign. 

The Beacon HD Series uses the P6.67 mm module, so viewers should be 67 feet away from the sign.

The Beacon series uses the P8 mm module, so viewers should be 80 feet away from the sign.

The Spotlight Series uses the P10 mm module, so viewers should be 100 feet away from the sign.

Display Brightness

Brightness is an important factor for outdoor LED signs. Nits is a standard measurement of how much light the sign sends to your eyes. Outdoor signs require a higher nit rating to ensure visibility in direct sunlight.

The Beacon HD Series has two brightness options, Bright (7000 Nits) and Extra Bright (8000 Nits)

The Beacon Series has two brightness options, Bright (7500 Nits) and Extra Bright (8500 Nits)

The Spotlight Series has two brightness options, Bright (8000 Nits) and Extra Bright (10000 Nits)

Additional Specifications :

Module Dimension

12.6-in. x 12.6-in.

Viewing Angles

110 (V) 110 (H)

Power uses

95watts / Square foot

LED Standard

SMD | 3 in 1

Cabinet Weight

10-lbs. / Square foot.

Protection Level

IP 65 | UL 48

Every XIGNZ LED Display comes standard with the accessories you need to get started right out of the crate.


Control System
Temperature and Brightness Sensor
5 years
30 days Money
Back Guarantee
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