Customizable Sign Poles

Elevate your signage with our Customizable Sign Poles, designed to offer flexibility and strength for your outdoor signage...
Length * 20-feet
Shape * Square

Elevate your signage with our Customizable Sign Poles, designed to offer flexibility and strength for your outdoor signage needs. Available in two standard lengths and with options for both square and round profiles, these poles are engineered to support a wide range of sign sizes and weights, ensuring your message stands tall.

Product Features

  • Two Length Options: Choose from 20-foot or 40-foot lengths to match the scale of your project and the visibility requirements of your signage.
  • Custom Height Adjustment: Our poles are designed to be easily cut down to your desired height, allowing for perfect customization based on the specific needs of your site and the height of your sign.
  • Diameter and Shape: All poles are 8 inches in diameter, available in both square and round profiles to match your design preferences and structural requirements.
  • Durable Material: Constructed with high-quality materials, these poles are built to withstand the elements and provide a stable foundation for your signage.

Choosing the Right Pole

Height Requirements

  • 20-foot Pole: Ideal for signs that need to be visible at closer ranges or in areas with height restrictions.
  • 40-foot Pole: Best suited for signs intended for visibility from highways or larger distances.

Footing Considerations

The required footing for your sign pole depends on the height of the sign and local regulations. A deeper footing may be required for taller signs to ensure stability.


While our sign poles are designed for straightforward installation, we recommend consulting with a professional to determine the appropriate footing depth and to safely cut the pole to your desired height.

How to Order

Select the pole length and shape that best fits your needs and enter the quantity required for your project. If you need assistance determining the best options for your signage, our team is here to help with expert advice and support.

Transform Your Signage Today

Our Customizable Sign Poles are the foundation of effective outdoor advertising, providing the durability and flexibility needed to showcase your brand. With options to accommodate various sign heights and styles, these poles ensure your message is displayed prominently and securely.

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