Qolr Pro 10x12 Outdoor LED Sign - Test

Full-color Programmable Digital Signage, Free Software, & Wireless Communication

The Series 10X12 has the easiest led sign software, so you can start promoting your products on day one. Wireless communication makes it even more convenient to upload your latest promotions.

Customize Your LED Sign
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Introducing the Led Sign City Series 10X12 outdoor custom led sign - the perfect option for eye-catching, full-color digital signage.

  • Pixel density: approximately 1024 – 2304 pixels per square foot
  • IP 65 Rated outdoor Aluminum Cabinet for the ultimate protection of your display components
  • Brightness: 7000 – 10000 nits
  • Media Playback: Images (.jpg/.png), videos (.mp4), animation (.gif), presentation (.pptx)
  • Compatible devices: PC, IOS iPhone/IPAD, Android
  • Warranty: Industry-leading 15-year protection
  • Support: Live support and remote training
Single-Sided LED Sign: My focus is on one-directional traffic / Spotlight Series: 1024 pixels & 8000 nits  Ideal for vibrant outdoor ads / DIY Install: We ship you install - Perfect for hands-on customers
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Qolr Pro 10x12 Outdoor LED Sign - Test: $47,282.70

Qolr Pro 10x12 Outdoor LED Sign - Test

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