Led Sign City Series 3X19 outdoor custom led sign with brilliant full-color programmable digital signage, Free software, and wireless communication

Spotlight l P10 / Up to 8500 Nits / Single Sided
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The Series 3X19 has the easiest led sign software, so you can start promoting your products on day one. Wireless communication makes it even more convenient to upload your latest promotions.

  • Pixel density: approximately 1024 – 2304 pixels per square foot
  • IP 65 Rated outdoor Aluminum Cabinet for the ultimate protection of your display components
  • Brightness: 7000 – 10000 nits
  • Media Playback: Images (.jpg/.png), videos (.mp4), animation (.gif), presentation (.pptx)
  • Compatible devices: PC, IOS iPhone/IPAD, Android
  • Warranty: Industry-leading 15-year protection
  • Support: Live support and remote training

Choose your configurations

Display Resolution * Spotlight l P10
Display Brightness * Up to 8500 Nits
Display Visibility * Single Sided
Price : or to see price

Introducing the Led Sign City Series 3X19 outdoor custom led sign - the perfect option for eye-catching, full-color digital signage. This revolutionary sign comes with free software and offers wireless communication. Make the perfect impression with brilliant, impactful advertising - draw in customers and benefit from the ultimate digital branding solution!

Build as a single sided our double-sided led sign and help your business stand out with stunning images and videos. Eye-catching visuals come alive on a vibrant digital display. Showcase your brand and products in the best light and create a stand-out presence in any environment. Enjoy a worry-free experience with a 15-year warranty on your LED Sign City Series 3X19.   

Technical specifications

Beacon HD | P6 MM Beacon | P8 mm Spotlight | P10 mm Lighthouse | P16 mm
Screen Size 3 feet x 19 feet (Actual: 37.8-in * 239.4-in) 3 feet x 19 feet (Actual: 37.8-in * 239.4-in) 3 feet x 19 feet (Actual: 37.8-in * 239.4-in) 3 feet x 19 feet (Actual: 37.8-in * 239.4-in)
Display Visibility Single Sided / Double Sided Single Sided / Double Sided Single Sided / Double Sided Single Sided / Double Sided
Pixel density 2304 Pixels 1600 Pixels 1024 Pixels 400 Pixels
Display Resolution 144 pixels x 912 pixels 120 pixels x 760 pixels 96 pixels x 608 pixels 60 pixels x 380 pixels
LED Configuration DIP SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 DIP Real Pixels
Design XIGNZ Modular LED XIGNZ Modular LED XIGNZ Modular LED XIGNZ Modular LED
Media Support Images, Videos, Slides, and more. Images, Videos, Slides, and more. Images, Videos, Slides, and more. Images, Videos, Slides, and more.
Brightness Classic Bright 7000 Nits / Extreme Bright 8000 Nits Standard 7500 Nits / High Brightness 8500 Nits Standard 8500 Nits / High Brightness 10000 Nits Standard 9000 Nits / High Brightness 11500 Nits
Power consumption Max 5415 watts per side Max 5415 watts per side Max 5415 watts per side Max 5415 watts per side
Sensors Temperature and Brightness Temperature and Brightness Temperature and Brightness Temperature and Brightness
Communication LAN, WIFI, 4G (Optional) LAN, WIFI, 4G (Optional) LAN, WIFI, 4G (Optional) LAN, WIFI, 4G (Optional)
Weight 570 pounds per side 570 pounds per side 570 pounds per side 570 pounds per side
Three foot by nineteen foot Three feet by nineteen feet Three by nineteen foot Three by nineteen feet thirty-six inches by two-hundred twenty-eight inches thirty-six inch by two-hundred twenty-eight inch thirty six by two hundred twenty eight outdoor led sign Ebay byos 3’ high and 19’ wide 3x19 ft 3x19 foot 3x19 feet 3x 19 3ft x 19ft 3ft wide 19ft tall 3by19 ft 3by19 36x228 36x 228 36inches wide by 228 inches tall 36inch tall by 228 inch 36" H x 228" W 36 x 228 36 inches by 228 inches 3-foot by19-foot 3'x19' 3 x 19 3 ft X 19 ft 3 foot by 19foot 3 foot by 19 foot 3 feet by 19 feet 3 by 19 19 feet wide 03 feet tall

Optimize the Outdoor Display. Make your MARC

According to the custom LED sign cookbook, resolution is the salt. Brightness is the pepper and refresh rate is the lime. Configuring these three things makes all the difference. Adds that crisp and clear edge to the viewing experience

The right specification can unlock the superpowers of a digital sign. But do you have the time to tackle the manual on “What to expect when you are expecting a LED sign”? Or do you get a headache from researching pixels and nits, chip sets and real pixels?

Then let us give all the help you need! (If thats the case, here is all the help you need!)


Software Capabilities

Our LED digital signage comes with a plethora of flexibility. The built-in software helps users find the easiest ways to maximize the viewing experience for their audience. Explore the cornucopia of benefits!

ledsigncity product Transition Effects
ledsigncity product Text
ledsigncity product Photo
ledsigncity product Video
ledsigncity product Slideshow
ledsigncity product Clock
ledsigncity product Weather
ledsigncity product Countdown
ledsigncity product Schedule
software capabiltiy

Frequently Asked Questions

Industry-leading 15-year warranty. First two years, we provide parts at the total replacement value. Year 3-15 parts are provided based on the remaining useful life of the component.

From when you place your order to when it arrives, it is 6-8 weeks. Larger projects require more time to ensure perfection.

Yes, you can stretch your payment and increase your cash flow. We also offer attractive finance packages with no or low interest from 12 -60 months.

LED Sign Assembly Guide

What comes with your LED Sign?

Power Cable

Power Cable

Power Cable

Signal cable

Power Cable

Brightness Sensor

Power Cable

Antenna Cable

Power Cable

Wireless CPE Antenna

Power Cable

M8 16 MM Bolts

Power Cable

X Brackets & M10 20 MM Bolts

Power Cable

L Brackets & M10 20 MM Bolts

How to handle the crate and your LED Sign when unpacking

ledsigncity product
ledsigncity product

How to assemble your LED sign?

After unpacking the sign, inspect all the included LED Sign sections.

Tools and Parts that will be used in this step:

  • 13/14 MM Ratcheting Wrench (not provided
  • 17MM Socket (Not Provided)
  • Drill / Driver (Not Provided)
  • M10 bolts
  • M8 Bolts
  • X Bracket

Focus your attention on the edges of each section. You will notice that there are three (3) different configurations:

  • Cable tunnel is open with a preinstalled rubber seal (ensure rubber seal is in every slot before connecting the M8 bolts.
  • Cable tunnel is open with an open center metal gasket preinstalled.
  • Cable tunnel is closed with a solid metal gasket preinstalled.

See illustration below.

Phase 1
Phase 1
  • The open cable tunnel is the center edge.
  • The closed tunnel with solid covers is the outside edges.

For signs with multiple rows, this will also help you identify which sections will be on top.

  • The sections with the closed cabled tunnels on top are the top row
  • And the sections with the open tunnel on top is the bottom row.

Once you have found the left and right outside edges, arrange your cabinets in the sequence A1, A2, A3, and so on. If your sign has multiple rows, start with the bottom row, then continue by installing the top row in the correct sequence.

Keep in mind the left and right edges are already in their respective positions (based on the position of the closed cable tunnels).

Next align the sections linking A-1 to A2 using the provided M8 Bolts.

  • You will need two M8 bolts for each cable tunnel. For example, if your sign has three cable tunnels you will need six (6) M8 Bolts.
  • Repeat this step until all sections are complete.
  • Pay special attention to the front of the sign to ensure that bulbs are aligned as best as possible between sections.

See the illustrations of the installation:

ledsigncity product

After unpacking your X Series LED Sign, arrange your sign cabinets in sequence so that a clear hole aligns with threaded hole.

ledsigncity product

Insert the bolt through the clear hole and screw it into the threaded hole to hold the signs in position. Each cabinet has two holes on the side.

ledsigncity product

Use the provided socket to fasten the upper and lower bolts on the side each cabinet.

ledsigncity product

Place the X Clip in the center of every four cabinets and screw in the bolts to hold the clip in position.

ledsigncity product

Position the brackets on the back of the sign and use the provided bolts to secure the brackets to the sign (Connect brackets as needed for install).

ledsigncity product

Your LED Sign may arrive in preconfigured sections that you are required to connect together to assemble the required dimensions. Below we will walk you through the steps required to assemble your display and prepare for installation.

ledsigncity product

Your assembled sign should resemble the illustration above.

NOTE: For larger signs where the sections will be stacked. You will need to install addition m8 bolts where the cable tunnels on the top of the bottom row, and the bottom of the top row intersect. That’s two bolts for each cable tunnel (before installing, verify that there is a silicone seal on top of the bottom row, and that the open center metal gasket is installed on the bottom of the top row).

After you have connected all the sections, your next step is to install the supporting X-Brackets.

Take note of the pattern of preinstalled X-Brackets. There will be an X-Bracket at the intersection of four (4) modular cabinets. Place the bracket over the hole and use the provide M10 bolts to secure the bracket to the back of the sign.

How to connect the signal and power cables for your LED Sign

Tools and parts needed in this step:

  • Power cables
  • Signal Cables
  • Antenna
  • Antenna Cable
  • Brightness sensor

Your power cables are the 13/14 AWG cables with a preinstalled 3 Pin Weatherproof connector on one end. The second end of the cable is either unfinished or has terminal connectors preinstalled.

All Sections, except for the main section, have two power ports, with the labels Power 1 and Power 2. These ports can be used interchangeably. You will connect one power cable to each section. Plug the power cable to Power 1 on the main cabinet, and Power 1 or Power 2 on the remaining sections. One power cable is required per section.

How to identify the main cabinet.

The power 2 port on the main cabinet has been converted to your brightness sensor port. Depending on your configuration, there will be a 9-pin connector or 4 pin connect in the power 2 port on the main cabinet.

The main cabinet is usually on the left side of the sign (when looking at the front of the sign).

After plugging in your power cables, you will need to terminate the wires to your junction/breaker box (not included). Note the color code for your wires:

Connection for 110V

  • Brown/Black – Hot / Live
  • Blue/White – Neutral
  • Yellow and green/ Green – Ground

Connection for 220V

  • Brown/Black – Hot / Live
  • Blue/White – Second Hot
  • Yellow and green/ Green – Ground

Be sure to secure the power connector to them before turning the power on. And follow proper safety procedures to prevent electrical shock.

How to connect your Brightness sensor to your led sign

Your brightness sensor connects to the Converted / Power 2 on the main section. You will also see the sensor tag on the connector cover. The sensor and power cable use different pin configurations so it’s not possible to the sensor to the power or the power to the sensor.

How to connect your LED Sign’s network antenna.

The antenna connects to the signal 2 port on the outside edge of the sign below the sensor. Your Antenna cable has a 9 pin connector on one end and an ethernet/RJ45 connector on the other end. Connect the Antenna cable to the signal 2 port on the main section. And connect the other end directly into your antenna. (note the included POE injector will not be used at this stage, so do not connect to the sign).

To connect the cable to the antenna, remove the cover at the bottom to reveal the ethernet port. Connect the cover and reinstall the cover. If you opted for the 4G LTE antenna, your antenna may have 2 ports. In this case connect the cable to the WAN Port.

Once they are correctly connected you should immediately see the power lights on the side or front of the antenna depending on your configuration. If there are no lights, check to make sure you connected to the correct port. You should also see the antenna label on the cap on the back of the sign.

When installing the antenna, ensure the antenna is installed vertically with the cable coming from the bottom of the antenna.

How to connect your signal cables to extend the image on you led sign

  • Your signal cable has two 9 pin connectors on both ends of the cable. Start by connecting the signal cable to the Signal 1 port on the main section. Then connect the other end of the cable to signal 2 on the next section. Repeat this step until all the signal cables are connected. instruction
  • For double sided LED signs continue your connection by connecting to signal 1 at the end to the sign 2 on the other side immediately behind signal 1. Then continue your connect from sign 1 to signal 2. At the end you will have a signal 1 port available behind the antenna cable. instruction

Note: if you have a larger sign that has multiple rows of sections. When you get to the end of the bottom row, connect your cable to signal 1 on the bottom row and jump to signal 1 on the top row.

Then connect signal 2 to signal 1 going in the opposite direction as the bottom row. At the end you should have Signal 2 available above the antenna and the sensor. (Imagine making a C-Shaped connection. If you have more than 2 rows imagine making a backward S-Shaped connection that continues until all sections are connected.

Mounting ideas for your LED sign.

Tools and parts required in this step

Angle Iron (L- Bracket)

Support bar / Frame – Illustrated below but not provided

Below are examples of how your LED Sign can be installed. The illustrations provided are for reference only. Always follow your local laws for guidance and construct structure based on required wind load rating and other local requirements.

Installation Examples

What customers like about LED Sign City

This sign [purchased from LED Sign City ] has been working 24/7 for the last two years and paid itself off within the first six months. The company even offered low-interest financing options and incentives for cash payments to small businesses


Bella Smiles LV, Las Vegash, NV

Hey this is Gary Rice, Pastor at Evangel Assembly of God situated in Orlando, Florida. Installed this LED sign 4 years ago, we love it, our congregation likes it, the community likes it. It is a great addition to the church

Gary Rice

Lead Pastor, Orlando, Florida.

Justin from Sensenig's Landscaping Supply 4 years ago (in 2019) purchased signs from LED Sign City for our Geneva, NY, and Rochester, NY locations. The digital sign is super bright, and you can adjust the brightness. It is very easy [software]. The LED sign also plays videos. Not only that, if you need parts or anything, the customer support has been great.

Justin Sensenig

Sensenig's Landscaping Supply, NY.

What customers say after choosing LED Sign City

Signs are a big investment. I feel like I got the best quality for the best price. The sign gave us better quality than we thought we were getting. Top notch on shipping, payment support, and installation support...and patient to help us learn the easy to use program. Love that I can integrate photos from my website! Woo Hoo!

Trudy Eisenmann

5 Months Ago

LED Sign City is amazing! We have had our sign for over 3 years now and it has been the best investment we have made with no issues. We shopped around and looked at reviews and definingly feel confident we made the right decision. Shane walked me thru how to upload images and has always returned calls quickly with any questions we have had.

Silver Creek Lanes

7 Months Ago

LED Sign City has been a great company to work with. We have utilized their equipment and customer service to their full potential and have been satisfied since the first training session. Shane, in support, is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient. The few occasions we've had to troubleshoot with him, we were successful in remedying the issue.

Gabe Moore

10 Months Ago

We love LED Sign City. Product performance is spectacular and price was affordable. Shane made the whole process simple. From choosing the correct screen size and resolution to installation and training. Thank you very much for your continuous support

Scott Podolsky

1 Year Ago

Our church purchased a LED sign from LED Sign City last May 2022. We were overwhelmed with the whole set up process, however one of the Techs, Shane Romone was there to solve all our problems. From the install to the software learning, we were completely up and running in just a few minutes. Our thanks to everyone at Led Sign City for a great product and a Great Support Team.

Pastor Russ Kessler

1 Year Ago

Hands down the best customer service and product. We have ordered many signs for many store fronts and have been happy with the pricing, service, and when needed tech support! Highly recommend for digital displays. The colors and brightness are amazing and the software is user friendly

sam kizy

1 Year Ago

LED Sign City has given us value and quality time and again with the purchase of our new sign for our church. We've had to reach out for a little bit of training on how to use the sign program application, but Shane and the team have been incredibly responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. The sign (P10 model) is amazing and people are talking about it all around the community! We couldn't be happier with our purchase, and we will come back to LED Sign City for our sign needs. Thanks!!

Branden Robertson

8 Months Ago

The customer service and speed of service was amazing! Shane went above and beyond to help me to get the products I needed in time for my event and provided video tutorials as well as telephone support to program my displays. I highly recommend LED Sign City for your LED sign needs.

Cheryl Mosley

1 Year Ago

Great products, great service, answered our questions right away. Have had a system installed 4 years now, had a card go out and they helped us immediately! Highly recommend!

Eddie Kirchoff

1 Year Ago
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