Wiring: A Simple Guide

Setting up your new LED sign might sound technical, but no stress—we’ve put together a simple guide to get you through the wiring without any fuss.

Connecting Your Cables Correctly: An Overview

Connect the various cables to their respective ports to ensure your sign operates flawlessly

View Wiring Overview  

Post Assembly: Start With Signal Cables

Here's how to wire the signal cables and turn all the LED modules into one big digital screen.

Connect the Signal Cables: 

Power Cables: Choosing the Right Method

Daisy chain vs individual power cables. See which method will help you power up your sign

Connect Power Cables

Connect Sign to 4G or Wireless Network

Want to change what's displayed on the sign? Use the antennas and adapters provided in your kit to establish a strong network between your sign and your PC.

Connect Sign to a Network

Maximize Brightness, Optimize Costs

Adjust the brightness of the digital sign based on surrounding light.

Setup Brightness Sensor 
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