Elevate Your Message with Our XL Taxi Top Sign

Our XL Taxi Top Sign is designed for businesses looking to make a significant impact in urban landscapes. Measuring an impressive 50 inches in width and 12 inches in height, this extra-large sign offers unparalleled visibility and engagement for your advertising campaigns. Below, explore how our clients have leveraged this dynamic platform to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

XL 50.4 X 12.6 inch screen - $5120

Standard 38.2 inches X 12.6 inches screen: $3840


Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 50" W x 12" H, maximizing visibility from a distance.
  • Illumination: Energy-efficient LED lighting for 24/7 visibility.
  • Durability: Weather-resistant materials suitable for all climates.
  • Installation: Easy and secure mounting on a wide range of taxi models.

Why Choose the XL Model?

  • Greater Visibility: Its size ensures your message stands out in crowded urban environments.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a broad spectrum of advertising campaigns, from product launches to special events.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a high return on investment (ROI) by reaching thousands of viewers daily.
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