This video presents an in-depth comparison and demonstration of three advanced lighting solutions: the Spotlight, Beacon, and the Beacon HD, showcased side by side for the very first time.  


Through our comprehensive review, we highlight the key features, advantages, and performance metrics of each model. Viewers will learn that while all three options offer significant benefits and are considered top-tier choices for various applications, the Beacon HD stands out as the superior model. With over 2,300 pixels per module, the Beacon HD significantly surpasses the Spotlight series, which offers 1,024 pixels, and the Beacon series, with 1,600 pixels. This demonstration aims to provide valuable insights, making it easier for consumers to make an informed decision based on their specific lighting needs.

For a demonstration and to see the sign in action, click here. For a demonstration of the software and to see how to upload content click here.

What Customers Say After Choosing LED Sign City

Bella Smiles LV

Bella Smiles LV, Las Vegas, NV

This sign [purchased from LED Sign City ] has been working 24/7 for the last two years and paid itself off within the first six months. The company even offered low-interest financing options and incentives for cash payments to small businesses

Justin Sensenig

Sensenig's Landscaping Supply, NY.

Justin from Sensenig's Landscaping Supply 4 years ago (in 2019) purchased signs from LED Sign City for our Geneva, NY, and Rochester, NY locations. The digital sign is super bright, and you can adjust the brightness. It is very easy [software]. The LED sign also plays videos. Not only that, if you need parts or anything, the customer support has been great.

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