Submit Your Repair Request

Online, via email, or over the phone, initiate your repair request. We'll handle the logistics, arranging for your LED sign module to be sent to our repair center without you needing to leave your home or office. This convenient service is available for all types of LED signs.


Package and Ship Your Module

Once your request is processed, we'll guide you on how to package your damaged module for shipping. Simply follow our instructions for a hassle-free return to our repair center.


Tracking and Updates

From the moment your package is shipped, you'll receive tracking updates directly to your email. Stay informed every step of the way, knowing exactly when we receive your LED sign module.

Expert Repair and Replacement

Our production team will assess and either repair your module or replace it, ensuring your LED sign returns to its optimal performance. This process is completed within our promised timeframe, keeping you in the loop with confirmation emails.

Your LED Sign, Like New

Once repaired or replaced, your LED sign module is shipped back to you with final tracking updates provided for your convenience. After delivery, our team will reach out to confirm the receipt and functionality of your sign, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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