Customized Outdoor Led Display

LED Sign City outdoor signs are a perfect
choice if you want to:

Promote your
business, products,
and services

Show important messages
and announcements

Create a unique atmosphere for outdoor events, performances, or any kind of special occasions

Modular Outdoor LED Signs
for growing business

Improve your advertising game with our
innovative technology

Use our powerful sign to present a message that will stand out with its bright lights,
vibrant colors, and clear visibility. High brightness stimulates receptors in human
eyes, making them more focused on brilliant things like our sign. Shift the focus of the
desired audience to your message!

Led Outdoor Business Signs

Expand, don’t remove.
Upgrade, don’t replace.

Unlike most LED signs that are built solely to satisfy specific zoning requirements, our
signs can be expanded or reconfigured to meet future needs and upgraded to
take advantage of newfeatures or improve efficiency.

Digital Sign Board Outdoor

Introducing our fantastic four,
with a high-quality score

Three Nine signs are easily affordable signs, with three resolution options. This model is the best solution if your budget is low or you don’t want to spend too much.

GR8IMG outdoor LED sign is our most popular sign that is gr8 in every way. It will fulfill all of your advertising needs.

QOLR PRO is the next-level model of the best possible quality. The ultra brightness, fantastic colors, and high contrast will present that content in the best possible way.

Big Screenz model is perfect for areas with high traffic and highways. Drivers will effortlessly see your message on the bright and colorful giant screen.

Outdoor Programmable Led

Secured and protected

Our outdoor LED signs come with a 5-year warranty and lifetime support so you can relax! We
will replace faulty components and reassure you that the investment is protected. Also, our
professional support team will provide any kind of help that is needed.

High durability

Our outdoor led signs will easily withstand the wind, rain, and snow, making them
perfect for any environment."

Introducing XIGNZ

We created XIGNZ because we want you to feel great about your LED sign purchase for
 generations to come. Also, ugly LEDs make us cringe :). XIGNZ offers an easy and cost-
effective solution to keep your sign looking even better than the day you installed it.
We build our outdoor LED signs so they can last a lifetime. 

It is a game changer, providing you with the unique ability to replace today’s modules with
 new LED modules not yet developed. With XIGNZ,you can also increase your LED sign’s
size or reconfigure the proportions to make completely different dimensions. 

Take your business to the next level with LED XIGNZ that never gets old. 

Check our blog post - Introducing xignz
Led Signs Double Sided

Are you wondering if our (outdoor) LED
signs are a profitable investment?

5 reasons to invest in Ourdoor LED Signs
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