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Outdoor LED signs powered by XIGNZ

It's time to Make Your Marc: Market, Attract, and Retain Customers.  

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Is your business unknown

Stop losing business to anonymity! And Increase your visibility with our outdoor led signs. Use our outdoor led signs to create digital ads to attract new customers and engage existing ones.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400

Capable outdoor LED signs
that are -able and ready.

Start your outdoor marketing adventures. 
You immediately feel the difference when you touch the high-grade aluminum chassis. A slim form factor that you can install indoors or outdoors. Share your message 24/7 capable outdoor led sign in the rain, snow, or sunlight. 

All new programmable led signs built to save you time and money. How?

It's way more than a sign. XIGNZ gets better with time!

XIGNZ is a scale-able, upgrade-able, and fully programmable

Scale-able XIGNZ

Why let size limit your progress? Get the outdoor led sign your business needs now. Then increase the size later if necessary. Get the scale-able Led sign that grows with you.

Upgrade-able and Future-ready

The latest technology gets old very quickly. Protect your digital signage investment with LED signs ready to shine brighter with higher definition as they age. 

Fully Programmable LED XIGNZ

Share the ads in the format your audience wants to see. Use images and videos to make your messages stand out from the rest. 

Qolr Pro: Easiest LED
Sign Software

Yes, ADs look amazing on our LED signs. But they are also great for displaying real time updates on prices, events, weather, temperature and more. 

  Weather &

Give audience real time updates.

  Transition      Effects

Animate text and images ads.

   Videos &

Clear and smooth videos

  Schedule        Ads

Grab attentiuon with diverse messages. 

1R1G1B SMD PHX HB MB5124 Outdoor led signs with 10000 Nits! What does it all mean?

Pixels, Nits and Chips
We obsess over the specs, so you don't have to! 

Build the most effective outdoor led sign without knowing the difference between a pixel and a pitch.

  • Answer these three questions to Unlock the Power of outdoor led signs
  • Q1. How far away is the LED sign from the audience?

(1-A)Because your eyes cannot see the space between bulbs from certain distances, you need to know how far your audience is from the sign.
(1-B)Now consider the traffic speed. The traffic speed tells how long your prospect has to view and read your sign. 

  • Q2.  Is your sign in direct sunlight, or is it in the shade of buildings or trees?

Business signs battling intense sunlight need bulbs that stand out and contrast the sun's rays. But in the shade, you can choose lower-intensity bulbs to save money and lower your electricity bill.

  • Q3. Can your audience see both sides of your sign?

Market to your local audience as they travel back and forth. But if they can only see one side of your led sign, cut your cost in half with our single-sided outdoor led signs.  

Need help finding the answers?
Our in-house LED sign experts can help you find the sweet spot

Our in-house LED sign experts can help you find the sweet spot. CALL 866 343 4011 Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM EST.
Choose the communication method convenient for you: chat, text, or email

Need help finding the answers?

CALL 866 343 4011 Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM EST. You can also Chat, Text or Email.  

NOW OFFERING: Two (2) great Install options

You can Do it yourself. Or let us do it all for you

Do it yourself

We'll ship the sign to your site. You install it. Then schedule your training session to learn the software.

Let us do it for you

If you already have a pole or structure and electricity, we will remove your old sign and install your new led sign.

If you are starting from dirt? We'll manage the entire project including design, permitting, construction, and installation of your new LED Sign. 

Unknown to the local audience

Anonymity costs your business

The less visible you are to customers in the outdoors, the fewer chances you get to attract them. 

Easily ignored everyday

Drop the cloak of invisibility

Your busy audience is unlikely to pay attention to your outdoor ads for more than 3 seconds. 

Tip the odds in 3 seconds

Attract more with less

Your audience will subconsciously view your ad for only 3 seconds. Take this window to be remembered.

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