Between the different
LED Sign options? 

The main differences between the LED Sign variations are the brightness and the resolution. When selecting a LED Sign, you must first consider the application. Think about the answers to these twelve questions below.

  • Where will you install the sign?
  • How far will the sign be from target viewers?
  • How high or low to the ground will you install the sign?
  • Will the sign be in a shaded area or in direct sunlight?
  • How big do you want the sign to be?
  • What are restrictions imposed by your city or county?
  • Will this sign be on your premises, or is it an off-premises sign?
  • What type of content do you want to display?
  • How important is the picture quality to you?
  • Do you need a single-sided or double-sided sign?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you a PC or Mac user?

Then arrange the following from most to least important to you.

  • Price
  • Resolution / Picture Quality 
  • Software Features
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty 
  • Customer service
  • Ability to upgrade hardware
  • Ability to change Size in future 
  • Installation options
  • Service options 
  • Communication options

Sure, you could consider more things, but this gets you started. 

Ok, back to the question. What are the differences between to various LED Sign options available?

There are two categories of LED Signs, indoor and outdoor. Indoor LED Signs target audiences from closer distances. An indoor LED Sign usually engages audiences for long periods. Alternative solutions for indoor LED signs are Flat screen TVs. There are various digital signage media players than can convert a TV into a digital signage player.

On the other hand, TVs have their limits and cannot scale to the level of an indoor LED sign. Consider video walls. You may have seen applications connected to multiple TVs to make one giant screen. While these are cool, it's challenging to get a perfect size, and the bezels get in the way of the image. Even though TVs can be a cost-effective solution, the advantages fade once your sign gets more significant than 85 inches.

Indoor LED Signs are up to five times brighter than even the brightest TVs. The additional brightness gives your ads the edge to stand out. Especially in larger spaces. You can customize indoor LED Signs to create the effect your desire. Unlike TVs that feel linked and afterthought, Indoor LED signs can add to the architectural integrity. Indoor LED Signs are borderless and can scale from edge to edge to fill any room. 

If you need an indoor LED sign, some essential factors are Size, resolution, and brightness. The further your target will be from the sign size and brightness become more critical. If you target audiences from a close distance, the resolution is most important. As you might have guessed, higher resolution means the sign has more pixels closer together to create a better-looking image. The further away from the screen, your eyes will start to fill in the space between the pixels. Therefore, resolution becomes less critical. 

The resolution also has the upper hand in adding more details and displaying richer colors. Consider the difference between drawing on a standard printer paper and a poster-sized sheet. Even though the sign may be the same size, higher resolution signs will allow you to show more on a single side and crop less of your image. 

So let's look at Outdoor LED Signs. Outdoor LED signs are not much different from LED Signs. Well, they are lower resolution. Ok, much lower resolution. The reason is that outdoor LED signs target audiences from much further distances. Unlike indoor signs that target slower-moving traffic, Outdoor LED Signs target audiences that are moving at a much faster pace. Consider the speed that audiences drive past your store, church, or school. Now consider how they pass on significant roadways and feeder roads. A good rule is to create ads that can deliver the message in 3 seconds or less. So while outdoor signs are lower resolution than indoor signs, it becomes difficult to tell the difference when you choose the right combination of brightness and resolution. 

Now for the jargon, when you start shopping for an indoor or outdoor led sign, you will start hearing about the P19 MM, P16 MM, P10 MM, P8 MM, etc. Different companies may call them pixel, pitch, or pixel-pitch. The critical thing to know is that P refers to the pixels, the number that follows (ex 19) refers to the distance, and MM refers to the measurement. In English, a LED module with pixels 19 millimeters apart is a P19. A module with pixels 8 MM apart is a P8. The smaller the MM distance, the closer the pixels will be, the more pixels you have, and the higher the sign's resolution becomes. 

The next thing to consider is the brightness. The brightness for LED signs is measured in nits. Like indoor signs, the further the LED sign from the target audience, the less critical resolution becomes. Size and brightness are now more necessary. THE MORE CRITICAL THE DISPLAY RESOLUTION BECOMES, the more LED signs closer to your target audience. 

Our scope of Outdoor Screens includes:

P16 MM

P16 MM

P16 MM

P10 MM

P16 MM


P16 MM

P6.67 MM

Our scope of Indoor Screens includes:

P16 MM


P16 MM


P16 MM

P2.5 MM

P16 MM

P1.25 MM

According to Samsung, every mm is multiplied by 10 feet to determine the closest viewing distance. Viewing from a closer means time image won't be smooth since you will be able to see the space between the pixels.

Higher resolutions are typically more expensive, while lower solutions are brighter and less expensive. So consider the questions above, and determine what features are important to you to send to set your budget. 

Now that you know your needs, budget, and must-haves, your search for an LED sign has become much more manageable. 

From our experience, a P10 is the sweet spot for outdoor signs, and the P2.5 hits to spot perfectly for indoor signs. Luckily, there are no bad options here, just a game of how good you want it.  

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