Our Patent Pending Modular LED sign platform (XIGNZ)
gives you the flexibility to do and earn more. 

As a XIGNZ Dealer, you can:

Increase customer lifetime value with lease and upgrade options

The XIGNZ platform extends the lifetime of LED signs by making it possible to upgrade rather than replacing them. Upgrading is a cost saver for customers and an easy sell for our partners. Giving customers the ability to upgrade their sign will help them keep up with the times and increase your bottom line. 

Faster turnaround times,
so you get paid faster

Our Modular Platform satisfies today's needs, and it will save you money tomorrow. Configure our LED sign now for your required environment, viewing distance, and display size. Then upgrade it whenever you want for a small fraction of the cost.

Affordable finance offers
for your customers 

We will finance the entire project, including your markup and installation cost. Provide customers with our simple online credit app and send us a copy of your quote. Once approved, you get a check, and customers get low monthly payments. 

Exclusive access to use our 
support team as your own 

Spend your time focusing on growing your business, and let us take care of customer service inquiries and support for the LED Sign. We will train, answer questions, and troubleshoot on your behalf. 

Attractive incentives for
you to earn more 

The XIGNZ modular platform gives you the ability to do more. Imagine selling a sign today, upgrading it in 3-4 years, then using the components to make a refurbished Sign that you will upgrade in another 3-4 years. XIGNZ gives you the flexibility to sell, lease and even rent the LED Sign. 

It gets better; we offer a Simple Pricing Structure with an Enormous Upside.

You don't need to wait for us to get back to you to quote jobs. You can create customer quotations and estimate their payments instantly. If they agree, you can submit the order and complete the customer credit application on the spot. 

It gets better; we offer a Simple Pricing Structure with an Enormous Upside.
Now, it's time for you to see it for yourself.

Now, it's time for
you to see it for yourself.  

As a new dealer, you can order a demo sign up to 25.2" X 37.8" and get an additional 30% off your approved Partner pricing. The demo will allow you to experience the benefits firsthand.

You can compare XIGNZ to the LED signs you are offering today by ordering the demo. Then, if you are not convinced, return it within 30 days for a full refund, and we will also pay the return shipping fees so that there is no risk to you.

It gets even better! If you partner with us, we will credit the total cost of your chosen demo up to 25.2" X 37.8" sign towards your first order.

We have helped many sign shops offer a better digital sign while earning more, and we believe we can do the same for you. Get Started with XIGNZ and order your demo sign today. 

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