Customizable Outdoor LED Signs:

Expert Design, Tailor-Made Sizes & Professional Installation Services

Turn Every View Into Value: Captivate Crowds with High-Resolution Outdoor LED Brilliance

Elevate your visibility with our High-Resolution Outdoor LED Sign. Dive into a world of unmatched clarity, vibrant colors, and unparalleled sharpness, all packed into our cutting-edge, super-tight pixel LED screen.

Experience the Power of Crystal-Clarity:

Leave a Lasting Impression with this Stunning Outdoor LED Sign.

Feel the Impact:

Beyond seeing-make customers feel your message with unparalleled clarity and brightness.



Super tight pixel LED screens that bring your outdoor ads to life.


Colorful and Sharp:

Vibrant colors and sharp details that make every ad unforgettable.

Order today and receive a complimentary upgrade from our Spotlight Series to the Beacon HD Series. Enjoy significant savings and a pixel increase of 2.25X at NO EXTRA COST Get Your Instant LED Sign Quote Online

Get LED Sign Software That's Thoughtfully Streamlined for Entrepreneurs

No technical experience required, start designing ads for your new LED sign in minutes.

Maximize Your Impact with Managed LED Sign Services & Free Professional Design

Get Comprehensive Support & Stunning Visuals for Your Beacon HD LED Sign

Focus on what you do best, we'll handle everything from stunning ad creation to seamless scheduling. Let your message radiate brilliance.

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Your Free Launchpad to Success:

Free for 90 Days: $997 Value

Free Design Service:

For a limited time, gain free access to our Managed LED Design Services. Let our professional team craft your ads, delivering stunning visuals that perfectly showcase the potential of your new sign. This package includes custom templates and exclusive one-on-one training, all tailored to help you maximize the impact of your digital display.

What's Included:


A Dedicated Designer:

Bring your vision to life with captivating visuals.


An Ad Campaign Manager:

Boost your ad's impact with engaging captions and concepts.


A Remote Sign Manager:

Ensure your ads are displayed at optimal times, all with minimal effort on your part.

Customize and Build Your LED Sign Today

Get started now and take full advantage of our digital design team's support with 90 Days of Managed LED Design service—saving you an extra $997.

Maximize Your Impact with Comprehensive Support. Take advantage of this limited offer to perfectly complement your advertising strategy.

Don't Miss Out: Three Months of Free Professional Design Services

Upgrade to a 15-Year Warranty: Secure Your Digital Signage's Future Today

A Promise That Stands the Test of Time

Our industry-leading 15-year warranty underscores our commitment to quality and your peace of mind. Invest with confidence, knowing your Beacon HD sign is built to last.

Get Your Instant Quote Online and Upgrade From 5 Years To Our 15 Years Extended Warranty Right for Programmable Outdoor LED Sign Now—A Once-in-a-Lifetime Offer Get Your New LED Sign To Last the Longest

Brightness on Demand:

Enhance Your Visibility with Our Exclusive Add-Ons

Brilliance That Adapts to Day and Night in Every Weather

Adjust your sign's brightness effortlessly, ensuring your message remains impactful, day or night. Plus, save energy with our automatic brightness sensor upgrade.

Illuminate Your Message with Precision: Customize Your LED Sign Now

Unlock the full potential of your advertising with our 'Brightness on Demand' feature. Start by building your LED sign, tailoring its dimensions to your exact needs. Select our expert installation services for hassle-free setup.

Experience instant savings with an exclusive online price, complete with flexible financing options or a cash discount. Illuminate your brand's future today. Customize Your LED Sign

Stay Connected: The Magic of Beacon HD's 4G and WiFi Capabilities

Experience the convenience of built-in WiFi and the future potential of 4G capabilities, extending your reach and simplifying sign management.

Enhance Your Reach with Seamless Connectivity: Design Your LED Sign Today

Elevate your signage with built-in WiFi and 4G capabilities, ensuring your message is always connected and extendable beyond limits. Begin the journey by crafting your custom LED sign, specifying dimensions for a perfect fit. Choose our professional installation services for a smooth integration.

Grab your instant online quote now, with attractive financing solutions or an immediate cash discount, to make connectivity work for your brand. Design Your Connected LED Sign

Weatherproof Wonder

Our Beacon HD signs are built to withstand any weather, ensuring your message stays vibrant and effective, rain or shine.

Weather Any Storm with Unmatched Durability: Start Building Your LED Sign

Ensure your advertising shines through any weather with our robust, weatherproof LED signs. Kick off by designing your sign to your specifications, from dimensions to visual appeal. Opt for our comprehensive installation services for enduring performance.

Secure your instant online exclusive offer, including customized financing or a special cash discount, and let your message stand resilient against the elements. Build Your Waterproof LED Sign

More Pixels, More Savings

Elevate your brand with Beacon HD's comprehensive support, stunning visuals, and durable, weatherproof design, ensuring your message shines bright, rain or shine.

Start today to save big with more pixels per module and enjoy our managed LED sign services at no additional cost. Plus, secure a free 15-year Warranty upgrade, ensuring your investment lasts even longer. Customize and Build Your Beacon HD Outdoor LED Sign Today

What Customers Say After Choosing LED Sign City

Bella Smiles LV

Bella Smiles LV, Las Vegas, NV

This sign [purchased from LED Sign City ] has been working 24/7 for the last two years and paid itself off within the first six months. The company even offered low-interest financing options and incentives for cash payments to small businesses

Justin Sensenig

Sensenig's Landscaping Supply, NY.

Justin from Sensenig's Landscaping Supply 4 years ago (in 2019) purchased signs from LED Sign City for our Geneva, NY, and Rochester, NY locations. The digital sign is super bright, and you can adjust the brightness. It is very easy [software]. The LED sign also plays videos. Not only that, if you need parts or anything, the customer support has been great.

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