18 Inch LED Digit Price Sign 

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Designed in Europe 2022. 
Fresh modern appearance compared to old Chinese devices. 

All aluminum housing for better heat dissipation than older steel enclosures.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400
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Improved super compact controller. Highly intuitive remote control  with a full color display.

Taxi Top LED from $3,400

Update fuel prices wirelessly up to 2000ft away

LED Fuel Price Sign Gallery

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Technical Specifications

Communication RangeUp to 2000ft with optional external antenna
Design Year2022
Frequency band2.4MHz
Power InputSupports 100-240V
Average Power consumption65W
LED Brightness Red 2200mcd / Green: 4200mcd
LED Bulbs
Country of Origin
WeightUnder 20 lbs.
digit sign specification
percat balance

Mounting points can be customized to meet your requirements. 

Taxi Top LED from $3,400

Landed Cost

The digit signs from LED Sign City are the complete package. It comes with a dedicated support team to help you get the sign up and running

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  • Setup and training
  • Full two-year replacement parts warranty
  • An extended three-year limited parts exchange warranty
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