South Venice Civic Association LED Sign Replacement Project

The South Venice Civic Association is excited to announce a new project to replace the current letter sign with a state-of-the-art LED sign. This upgrade will allow the association to provide timely and relevant updates to the community and its members.

Current Sign

Unlike the rarely updated letter sign, the new LED sign will enable convenient and frequent message changes, enhancing engagement and ensuring everyone stays informed with the latest communications. This project is a significant step forward in improving our communication infrastructure and fostering a more connected community.

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Proposed Solutions 

We are providing the South Venice Civic Association with two LED sign options: 

Option 1: 2X4 LED Sign with Light Box

This option features a 2x4 LED sign with a light box on top that prominently displays the association's name at all times. It offers a balance between visibility and compactness, providing clear and concise messaging to the community.

Option 2: 3X4 LED Sign with Light Box

This option includes a larger 3x4 LED sign with a 1x4 light box, allowing for more information to be displayed on each slide. The increased display size enhances visibility and ensures comprehensive updates for the community.

LED Sign Resolution Options

We are offering the South Venice Civic Association two resolution options for their new LED sign:


  • Spotlight: Features superb 1024 pixels per module, capable of showing images, videos, and text.
  • Beacon HD: Provides more than double the pixels of the Spotlight, delivering the highest resolution.

    Display Demo

    Below is a video demonstrating the LED sign in action, showing its capabilities to display images, videos, and text. This showcases how the sign can effectively communicate messages and engage the community.

    Software Demo

    Managing your content has never been easier. With our intuitive software, you can quickly update your message, schedule content, and adjust settings—all at your fingertips.

    Brightness Adjustment

    A common question is whether the sign can be dimmed. In mixed-use community areas, it's important to know that the sign includes a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness to suitable levels based on the time of day. Additionally, these adjustments can be made manually if required.

    Sign Construction Tour

    Here is a first-hand tour of how we build our signs, covering the entire process from start to finish. This demonstration highlights how easy it will be to perform any required maintenance.

    Water Exclusion Demo

    Watch the video below to see the water exclusion test, demonstrating that the sign is built for outdoor use and can be installed in rain or snow. This ensures the sign's durability and reliability in various weather conditions.

    Download the Sign Drawings

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