Save over $10000 on a 4'X8' full color led sign with payments as low as $299

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4x8 LED Sign

4x8 full-color outdoor led sign for outdoor business advertising

(Actual dimensions 50.4 inches x 88.2 inches)

Getting your message out can be challenging. You are the best at what you do, but it doesn't matter until your target audience knows it. That's how this 4x8 outdoor led sign can help you. With this programmable led digital billboard, you can promote your business in many ways. You can show product images, messages, and even videos. 


The vibrant colors make it easy to capture the attention of audiences. We want you to succeed, and with this outdoor led sign, you can:
    • Tell customers who you are and then remind them repeatedly.
    • Show prospects everything that you do. How often do customers look at you surprised because they didn't know you offered a particular service? Now let them know before they walk through the door.
    • Show future customers why they need you. Show them your product, service, or message can solve their problems or make their lives easier. 
    • Now play it on repeat, again and again.


    Our 4x8 led outdoor led sign can be configured as a single-sided or double-sided digital sign. Single-sided digital sign for traffic going in only one direction. Double-sided digital sign for traffic traveling in both directions.

    Your audience gets maximum visibility from the high-brightness screen visible at night and in broad daylight.

    Never miss a moment with the wide viewing angles that capture attention for hundreds of feet.


    Now it gets even better. Our 4x8 outdoor led signs come in 3 resolutions so that you can build the perception you want customers to have of your brand.


    Now for a limited time, your get:

      • The P8 MM Led screen at the cost of the P10MM that's 56% more pixels for even clearer images and videos, a $1600 Value.
      • Order this week and get the brightness upgrade for a display up to 25% brighter at $2600 Value.
      • You also get six months of a free trial of our managed design service (that's a $1700 Value)
      • 12 months of priority support to your questions fast so that you maximize the benefit of your led sign ($2300 Value)
      • For a limited time, when you order two 4x8 led signs to make a double-sided sign, you get an extra 20% off the second sign. That's an extra $2700 value.


      That's a total savings of $10900 on this 4x8 full-color led sign.


      For just 60 payments of $299/month for a single-sided led sign or $499/ month for a double-sided led sign, you can change your life by attracting more customers and increasing your sales.

      PLUS: Apply Online and make no payments for 90 days.

      Click here to get preapproved to purchase the led sign you need to grow and spread the word about your business. 


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