End LED signage purchase confusions. Use a demo to attract traffic

A limited time opportunity to test-drive a local sign company. How do LED signs work? Is it too tricky?

Find the answers in a demo
LED signdemo

Oh sure, hands-on experiences can't beat...

Hours of web search + 2nd-hand info. Right? 

Don’t just rely on the secondhand information found. Test it yourself (TIY)! 

The benefits of a demo is that you get to: 

Experience how easy it is to program the sign: Almost all digital signs are programmable. So, what’s the difference? The software.
It can be mighty hard to play ads on a screen, with poorly translated software. Some people are okay with slow, clunky and buggy software. Are you? TIY.

Experience how well does it attract an audience: The brightest is not often the best option. Rather than guessing what might attract your audience -- a bright screen or a big sign -- try it yourself to save money and time.

Get to know the people behind the sign: Why push your business into years of un-cooperative partnership?
With a great LED sign comes a great many storefront marketing possibilities! Team up with a good signage partner to reap the benefits. Invest in the tech and relationship, all at once 

Try before you buy

Sign up for an LED signage demo.

LED Sign Software


Order software demo
  • Create ads 
  • 60 minute Training session
  • Full access to software. 

LED Sign Hardware


Order Hardware demo
  • 14-day signage trial. 
  • Signs up to 6 sq. ft.
  • Refundable credit

LED Sign Bundle


Order LED Bundle
  • Save $122 
  • 2 training sessions 
  • Test the software and hardware 

14-day long signage trial.  
 With a 14-day trial, you'll have the opportunity to see first-hand how LED signs work, how they can catch the attention of potential customers, and ultimately drive more traffic to your business. Bring one home and TIY. 

Discount credits
Before your trial period runs out, make it rain with a confirmed purchase and use the $399 demo credits to score discounts of the same value on signs larger than 30 sq ft! Don't let this opportunity slide

Demo signs up to 6 square feet 
(about half the area of a bathtub)Don't leave your success up to chance – use demo signs to determine the optimal distance, placement, and messaging that will grab your audience's attention and entice them to engage with your brand. 

hardware demo

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