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How Do Outdoor LED Signs Revive Offline Brand Visibility

Even the trillionaire retailer, Amazon, was crazy passionate about improving offline visibility way before it opened its first physical store. So, why on earth do some local businesses undervalue the importance of outdoor LED signs in sales growth? 

Back in the day, when Amazon was still making its mark, as a bookseller and e-commerce. It already knew the significance of being visible in the real world. But somehow, in today's social media frenzy, local businesses seem to forget about offline marketing. It used to be that having a great product, top-notch customer service, and a fabulous curbside appeal could guarantee sales inquiries. But now, in this fast-paced landscape, offline brand visibility doesn't get the attention it truly deserves. It's like the online world has taken over, leaving the locals and small businesses in the dust. People hardly even know what's going on in their own neighborhood businesses! But don't worry, the solution is simpler than you think - bring a fraction of your online charm and marketing brilliance to the offline audience!

The local visibility hacks

In the article ahead, we'll dive into the impact of poor brand visibility on your sales pitches. And guess what? We'll also lay out three mind-blowing ways to skyrocket your local visibility with outdoor LED signs. Make your business soar like a rocket!.
From understanding the impact of poor visibility on sales pitches to bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, it's time for businesses to embrace the magic of digital signs and shine bright in their local communities. Let's explore the secrets of successful local visibility and revolutionize your business with these powerful strategies.

Build local visibility with LED signs  

Why Do Digital Brands like Amazon Love Local Brand Visibility 

Remember the good old days when local visibility meant cool logos, bright colors, eye-catching roadside signs, and sparkly storefronts? It was enough to make you stop and check out a business. But then came the TV and the Internet, and suddenly, everyone thought local visibility wasn't enough. Many small businesses took this lesson to heart and started neglecting their offline presence, focusing solely on digital platforms. But wait, let's not forget the giants like Amazon, who even without physical stores, knew how to connect with local audiences. Ever spotted those Amazon delivery boxes around your neighborhood? See, they get it! Even people not on the internet saw the brand before placing their first order.

And guess what? Amazon isn't the only digital brand that embraces offline visibility. Spotify is nailing it too. From Times Square to commercial transports, Spotify has been flooding the streets with their catchy ads. And you know what's mind-blowing? Out-of-home advertising is still a US$9.15bn dollar industry in the US. So, as long as people are out and about, local visibility will always be relevant.

Poor local visibility crushes sales growth 

Now, let's get real about those businesses that are moving away from local visibility. It's a tough spot, especially for those with physical front offices. All those lead generation manuals (on our to-be-read shelf) agree on one thing - creating brand awareness is the ultimate key to pitching to new clients. Whether you're following the AIDA Model, RACE Model, SOSTAC, or DMPDC, the first step is loud and clear - it's all about getting noticed with your visibility game! If they notice you and know you, your pitches are less likely to fall flat with them. The awareness gives them context and trust.

Low Customer Awareness Lowers Offline impressions

Alright, let's play a little awareness game! Imagine you're on a game show, and I'll give you five seconds to name a synonym for Lego, Velcro, Google, Jell-O, and Photoshop. Ready? Go! If you said "toy, Velcro, search," then you're on the right track! These brands have done such an amazing job with their awareness campaigns that we use their names like everyday words.

But how can your local businesses master this awareness game? Well, let's take a look at Amazon and Lego, for example. They didn't become popular overnight; it took years of advertisements and constant visibility to build their foundation of awareness. So, if you want your customers to buy your brand without constant sales pitches and ads, you need to be visible day and night.

Visibility in the neighborhood is the key, and that means having bright signs and catchy ads. But it's not just about being seen; consistency is also crucial. Your brand colors and theme should be all over the place, making it impossible to forget. After a while, your constant reminders will make people feel like they know your business, creating a sense of familiarity and sowing the seeds of trust. This familiarity and trust give you the option to overcome their hesitancy. To needle them to walk in and explore the business. To reach you first when they need something the most.

The local visibility roadblock

Now, let's address the elephant in the room - outdated visibility methods! Those static signs just don't cut it in today's gadget-obsessed world. People are too distracted to pay attention to the same old message on the sidewalk every day. Plus, if your sign is on vinyl or metal, the sun's reflection and cloudy skies are not doing you any favors either. 

The underwhelming static sign experiences

But fear not, because here comes the superhero - Outdoor LED signs to the rescue! These babies can automatically adjust to the weather's mood, bringing a fresh and exciting vibe to your brand every second. It's like a breath of fresh air that keeps your audience engaged and intrigued. And trust me, they won't get annoyed like they do with those pesky in-app ads and robocalls. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Sure, making the leap from static signs to LEDs may seem like a challenge. But guess what? The alternative is being invisible, and we can't let that happen! Programmable LED signs on sunny days shine so bright that no one can ignore you. Plus, when you and your competitors are in the same neighborhood, the brighter sign gets all the attention. So why not level the playing field and drop the cloak of invisibility?

Local Awareness Low-balling Conversion: Tale as old as time

Businesses with low visibility are treated like an afterthought when there's a shinier, brighter option available. An old-timer static sign with the same message plastered for years is just not cool anymore.

It sends a message that your business isn't trendy enough, and that's not the vibe you want. Trust me, it's harder to reach your audience organically when they're flocking to your competitors. But fear not, digital signs will save the day!

Their bright and persistent messages will break through the hesitancy and attract more foot traffic. Say goodbye to being overlooked and hello to being the center of attention!

3 epic ways to skyrocket your local visibility

1. Refresh outdoor ads

Don't bore your audience with the same old stuff; keep them excited and on their toes. And with digital business signs, it's a piece of cake! You can show a million ads every single day without the hassle of printing and installing new posters. How cool is that?
By refreshing ads', you trigger the audience into reading every single outdoor ad. The puzzle of how many ads have been compiled forces your audience to track all the ad copies. The more ads they see, the more attention you grab, and that's how you win the visibility game!

2. Target niche audience with a personal touch

Not everyone resonates with the same message, right? With digital signs, you can reach different niches in the physical world effortlessly. Imagine reaching millennials and Generation Z with different messages at different times - easy peasy! And all that at a fraction of the cost. One sign, two messages, double the impact! 

3. Aligning online marketing with offline marketing

We know it's a crazy challenge to navigate both worlds, especially with social media platforms multiplying like bunnies. But don't forget about your physical audience! Neglecting offline visibility can lead to confusion, missed opportunities, and limited awareness of your online offers. The solution? Electronic LED signs, my friend! They'll keep both audiences in the loop and bridge that pesky gap between the online and offline realms.

The Consequences of Neglecting Offline Brand Visibility:

Confusion Amongst Online Audiences:

When online offers are not visible outside your store, it confuses your audience. They might wonder if the offer has expired or question its validity. This inconsistency creates a disjointed experience.

Missed Opportunities with In-Store Audience

The nearby offline audience, who are unaware of online offers, will choose your rival. This tribe will miss out on valuable promotions or discounts. This not only leads to lost sales but also hurts customer satisfaction.

Lack of Awareness for Online Offers:

Neglecting offline visibility keeps your physical audience in the dark about online offers. Thus limiting your ability to drive traffic and conversions through digital channels.

More ways Outdoor LED sign SAVES local businesses

The role of outdoor LED signs and billboards in local visibility is far and many. This benefit often outshines how digital signage can save your business money.

Future proof investment

First up, let's talk about the incredible benefits of modular LED sign technology. It's like a future-proof investment that every business dreams of. We all know the fear of investing in something only to see it become outdated in no time. Well, that's not the case with these bad boys! Unlike that phone you bought last year, modular LED signs are built to withstand the test of time.

Even if better digital sign technology emerges in the future, these signs can easily adapt with just a few minor upgrades. No need to retire them for newer models; they'll keep shining bright for your business, no matter what!

Match business growth trajectory

And guess what? These signs can match your business growth trajectory too! It's like having a chameleon on your side. The modular LED panels are produced in 1-foot-by-1-foot-by-units, giving you the flexibility to assemble them into any shape or size you need. From a massive stadium-wide billboard to a small roadside sign, or even a gas price sign - you name it, and these signs can do it all!

Imagine your sign starting as a monument sign and then transforming like a jigsaw onto a billboard or on a taxi top, playing eye-catching ads to grab everyone's attention. It's like having a versatile sidekick that follows you around wherever you go, attracting customers left and right with its bright and crisp ads.


So there you have it, the power of modular outdoor LED signs - a future-proof investment that matches your business growth and can adapt to any technological shift. It lets you bridge the gap between online and offline marketing efforts, reaching physical audiences with a digital flair.
Now taking your local visibility to a whole new level is quicker like the famous digital giants. Watch your business shine like a star! Let's wave goodbye to those old-school ways and embrace the magic of outdoor digital signs.

Ready to join the digital revolution with outdoor LED signs? Let's do this!

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