Exploring LED Sign Options for the American Legion: A Close Fit Challenge

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Navigating Through Tight Spaces: Comparing Two LED Signs

The American Legion stands at a crossroads of aesthetic enhancement and logistical precision as we consider two LED signs: one at a manageable 63 inches wide, and the other, a challenging 75.6 inches, slightly exceeding the available space of 74.5 inches between two poles.

The 63-inch Sign: A Comfortable Fit with Room to Spare


  • Ease of Installation: This sign's smaller size makes it a natural fit between the poles, ensuring a straightforward installation process.
  • Flexibility: The additional space around the sign opens up possibilities for creative trim or decorative elements to enhance its appearance.


  • Potential for Aesthetic Adjustments: The gap left around this sign might require additional aesthetic solutions, such as trimming or framing, to achieve a pleasing look.

    The 75.6-inch Sign: A Sleek, Full-Fit Solution


    • Maximized Area Coverage: Although slightly larger than the space, this sign promises to fill the area completely for a seamless, edge-to-edge display.
    • Bold Visual Impact: The larger size of this sign ensures a prominent and striking visual presence.


    • Installation Challenges: Fitting this larger sign into a slightly smaller space may involve creative solutions or minor structural adjustments.

    Visual Insight:

    • Our coverage will include images and videos of this sign, highlighting the fit within the limited space and any modifications required to accommodate its size.

    Conclusion: Weighing Size Against Practicality and Aesthetics

    As we deliberate between these two signs, we are mindful of the balance between their physical dimensions, visual appeal, and the practicality of installation. The smaller sign promises ease and flexibility, while the larger one, though more challenging, could offer a more impactful and cohesive look.

    We invite our readers to share their insights as we edge closer to our final decision on which sign will best serve the American Legion's purpose.

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