Troubleshooting Flickering Signs: A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Resolving Issues

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Encountering flickering signs can be frustrating, and understanding the underlying issue is crucial for swift resolution. Flickering is often indicative of problems within the internal systems, such as a failed controller or a broken connection between components. This article provides a detailed guide to help users troubleshoot and potentially resolve flickering sign issues, based on common symptoms like flickering on both sides of the sign.

Identifying the Issue:

If you notice your sign is flickering on both sides, it’s plausible that you’re dealing with a failed controller or a broken connection from the first video card to the controller. Accurate identification of the issue allows for more effective troubleshooting and, subsequently, resolution.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Follow the outlined steps below to troubleshoot and possibly resolve the flickering issue:  

1. Disconnecting the Controller Connection to the Video Card:

  • Initially, locate and disconnect the controller connection from the first video card.

2. Initiating the Video Card Test: 

  • After successfully disconnecting, press the test button on the video cards.
  • This action will enable the video cards to display various colors and patterns, providing insights into the operational status of the video cards.
  • Important: The controller must be disconnected for this test to work correctly.

3. Observation and Assessment:

  • Carefully observe whether the screen continues to display a full image or pattern without any intermittent outages.
  • If the screen displays correctly after disconnecting the controller, the next step is to replace the Ethernet cable between the controller and the first video card.

4. Ethernet Cable Replacement:

  • If the flickering issue continues after changing the Ethernet cable, it is highly probable that the control card has failed and will need replacement.

Scheduling a Support Session:

Should the issue persist after following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, or if guided assistance is preferred, scheduling a support session with technical experts is highly recommended. Expert guidance can help ensure each step is executed correctly, and any required replacements are accurately identified.

Schedule a Support Session


Identifying and resolving flickering sign issues promptly is crucial for maintaining optimal sign functionality. By carefully following the troubleshooting steps and understanding the importance of each component within the sign’s system, users can effectively address and resolve most common flickering issues. However, expert assistance is always available for those who prefer guided support or face more complex problems.

For further inquiries or more complex troubleshooting assistance, please contact us at:

Stay informed and address your sign issues promptly to ensure continuous and effective communication through your signage!

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