Engaging Your Community with 3x6 Foot Church LED Signage

Engaging Your Community with 3x6 Foot Church LED Signage

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Promote Church Events and Programming

A 3x6 Foot Outdoor LED Sign offers churches like Believers Temple more than just a display board. It's a dynamic platform to:

    • Promote events and activities: Showcase upcoming sermons, choir performances, youth programs, and special services.
    • Share inspiring messages: Uplift passersby with scripture verses, quotes, and words of encouragement
    • Maintain fresh content: Easily update messages remotely, keeping your audience engaged with the latest information.

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Church LED sign


Increase Visibility

Placing an LED sign near a church entrance enhances visibility to vehicle traffic and pedestrians. For congregations looking to expand their reach, LED signs enable new opportunities for community engagement

Get Noticed on the Street

With vivid animations and illuminated displays, church LED signs grab attention on busy streets. The technology distills announcements into impactful snippets that attract interest. LED signs help faith organizations get seen and further their mission.

Here is a List of Captions the Church Can Display on their 3x6 Foot LED Sign to Encourage Participation

  1. Trust God - Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

  2. Sunday School 9:30 AM - Grow in Faith.

  3. Pray on Tues @ 11 AM - Lift Your Spirit.

  4. Women's Ministry Weds 6 PM - Join Our Circle.

  5. Youth Ministry Weds 7:30 PM - Make New Friends.

  6. Sunday Worship 11 AM - Find Peace.

  7. Prayer Opens Doors - Join Us Tuesdays.

Here's The Video Download Link

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