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XIGNZ Spotlight Series offers a blend of brightness and detail that is great for custom graphics and vibrant signage. With over 1000 pixels per module, this dynamic system is perfect for colorful, rich, detailed digital ads on a large scale without sacrificing brightness! The Spotlight series can emit up to 10000 nits, which allows for clarity and visibility from as close as 30 feet.

SPOTLIGHT SeriesLuminance: Up to 10000 Nits
Pitch Pixel: P10 | 10mmViewing Angle: 110(H) 110(V) Degrees
Module Resolution: 32 x 32 Pixel DotsBest View Distance: 10-100 Meters
Pixel Density: 1024 dots / ModulePower Usage (Average): 95 Watts/Section
LED Standard SMD: 3 in 1Cabinet Weight: Approximately 10 lbs./Section
Module Dimension: 12.6 in. x 12.6 in Protection Level: Rated for Wet & Dry Locations

The Beacon series, aka P8, can elevate your business. At the same time, you focus on delivering the quality service you promise in your ads. The P8 is a decisive no-compromise option in LED signage—an innovative tool to promote and grow businesses. XIGNZ Beacon series has over 1600 pixels per module, creating an incredibly detailed ultra-high resolution sign designed for higher-level graphics and text signage.

BEACON SeriesLuminance: Up to 8500 Nits
Pitch Pixel: P8 | 8mmViewing Angle: 110(H) 110(V) Degrees
Module Resolution: 40 x 4Pixel DotsBest View Distance: 8-100 Meters
Pixel Density: 1600 dots / ModulePower Usage (Average): 95 Watts/Section.
LED Standard SMD: 3 in 1Assembled Weight: Approximately 10 lbs./Section
Module Dimension: 12.6 in. x 12.6 inProtection Level: Rated for Wet & Dry Locations

Unique Benefits:


XIGNZ is the center of a unique proprietary design that enables unlimited possibilities for your sign to grow with your business. Unlike most LED signs built to satisfy specific zoning requirements, you can expand or reconfigure XIGNZ to meet your needs.


Our Modular Platform satisfies today's needs, and it will save you money tomorrow. Configure your LED sign for your required environment, viewing distance, and display size. Then upgrade it whenever you want for a small fraction of the original investment.


XIGNZ has a wide range of LED screen options that deliver high-quality visuals. XIGNZ can be configured with LED modules for every environment, viewing distance and sign size. The best part is that most jobs only require a hex key and a Phillips screw driver.


XIGNZ's scalability, upgradeability, and Flexibility mean you will earn more. LED XIGNZ can be a part of a lease or subscription model for the first time. You can increase sales by proactively reaching out to past customers by offering attractive upgrade offers.


Every XIGNZ LED Display comes standard with the accessories you need to get started right out of the box.

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