5'x6' Outdoor Led Sign With 3 Resolutions To Choose From

Display Resolution * Spotlight l P10
Display Brightness * Up to 8500 Nits
Display Visibility * Single Sided

From the LED Sign City Gr8img Collection, you are viewing a 5 feet x 6 feet full color outdoor led sign.

Your purchase includes: 

  • 5 ft. X 6 ft. LED Sign - The actual dimensions are 63 inches X 75.6 inches
  • P10, P8, or P6 - Customize your resolution from the options above
  • 7000 Nits - 8500 Nits depending on the display resolution you select
  • Wifi Control system with free content management software
  • Automatic Brightness and Temperature Sensor
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Lifetime support


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