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ED Billboard: One Sign=Many Benefits

An out-of-home reminder, the impulsive shopping accelerator, the 24x7 digital greeter, the beacon of roadside pit stops! Explore the potentials of a shapeshifting LED signage

Over generic LED signages?

Your digital sign needs to be scalable and configurable. Why?

Because not all businesses are built the same.

Before getting a sign, weigh your options and upcoming hurdles. These could include lease renewals, outgrowing your current office space, launching new ventures, or working within budget constraints. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, a scalable sign goes far and beyond, financially.

How? By growing with your business, slowly and steadily, without risking the opportunities to seize the day and outshine the competition

Ready to take your outdoor marketing to the next level?

Configure your sign and unlock special offers

  • Customize your LED sign, create an account to unlock pricing, and access special offers available only to account holders.
  • Benefit from our flexible payment options, including the opportunity to own your digital sign with easy, no-interest payments or make upfront payments to enjoy additional savings and exclusive bonuses.

Build as you Grow: Pay as you Go

Buy Now, Pay Later. Own your digital signs with 12 easy, no-interest payments—credit approval is required.

Pay Now, Save More. Make two same-as cash payments and get an instant cash offer toward your order.

LED signage bundle offer: Order now and save

Save over $6200

  • FREE shipping to your doorstep            $599
  • Custom design templates                      $999
  • Free Software Setup and Training         $699
  • Additional remote sessions                    $999
  • 3 year extended limited warranty          $2999
  • Plus, exclusive resolution and brightness guarantee - Priceless

Things to consider post-purchase

What to do after you have purchased the LED sign?

  • Shipping: We will ship it to you for FREE!
  • Installations: Need someone to set up the sign? Well, we can help!
  • Assembling: Putting up the sign yourself? See the guide
  • Programming Ads: Get a professional to design the ads for your sign
    Wanna do it yourself? We can show you how-to do that!
  • Maintenance: Need help running ads? XIGNZ comes with free training sessions.
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