Great image Professional LED Display

Showcasing your products effectively and in a visually appealing way is the name of the game today. At LED Sign City, we understand this perfectly, and we have come up with the perfect solution for you: our Great Image Professional LED Display.


The Great Image Professional LED Display allows you to display your products in the highest resolution and with sufficient brightness to cover a large distance. Let’s learn more about this modern and unique LED sign.

About the LED Sign

The Great Image Professional LED Display is currently available in 3 variants. We decided to design 3 different models to cover different needs and requirements, as well as offer different price points so you can choose the one that suits you the best. The sign is our latest offering in modern marketing solutions for businesses, which enable you to get the word out about your products and attract the audience you are targeting.

The Great Image Professional is part of our new line of Great Image LED signs, geared towards helping businesses market themselves efficiently and economically. A top of the line device, yet it will only set you back a minute percentage of your marketing budget.

Features and Specifications

As mentioned, there are 3 variants you can choose from to suit your needs. The main difference between the three is the pixel resolutions you get. Let’s look at more details about the three variants of the Great Image Professional LED Display.

P8 Series - Ultra High Resolution
P8 Series – Ultra High Resolution

The P8 MM module measures 5 inches by 10 inches, and features a resolution of 16 x 32 pixels. This variant of the LED sign is the most visually immersive and striking of the three, with over 1450 pixels per square foot. This ensures the images on the screen are clear and vivid, and at the same time, have great depth. The viewing distance range for this LED sign is 26 feet. The P8 MM offers 7000 Nits per square meter, ensuring the display is visible even in bright surroundings, especially outdoors, under the light of the sun.

Moreover, the power usage of the P8 Series led sign is energy efficient, at only 320 watts per square meter. The P8 MM is the one you should choose if you want to display immersive digital content.

P10 Series - High Resolution
P10 Series – High Resolution

The P10 MM module measures 6.3 inches by 12.6 inches, and features a resolution of 16 x 32 pixels. This LED sign has been designed to serve as digital signage for businesses, providing a clear view at a distance of 32 feet. The output is 929 pixels at 7500 Nits per square meter, but the energy consumption is 280 Watts per square meter, making this an ideal choice for businesses that want a clearly visible LED display at a longer viewing distance but without breaking the bank.

P16 Series - Standard
P16 Series – Standard

The P16 MM has been designed primarily to display text on a digital screen, but you also have the option to add logos, images, and animations, as well as immersive graphics and videos. The size of the sign is 43 inches by 80 inches and its pixel resolution is 64 by 128. The low-power LED sign offers a viewing distance of 52 feet, and consumes 300 watts per square meter, with its brightness at 8500 Nits per square foot and 362 pixels per Square foot.

Technical Specifications P16 Series – Standard P10 Series – High Resolution P8 Series Ultra High Resolution
Pitch Pixel 16 MM 10 MM 8 MM
LED Configuration DIP SMD SMD
LED Standard 1R1G1B SMD3-in-1 SMD3-in-1
Module Dimension 256mm×128mm 320mm×160mm 256mm×128mm
MOdule Resolution 16pixels×8pixels 32pixels×16pixels 32pixels×16pixels
Cabinet Weight 50kg/sqm 40kg/sqm 40kg/sqm
Luminance 8500cd/sqm 8000cd/sqm 7000cd/sqm
Power Consumption(average) 300w/sqm 280w/sqm 320w/sqm
Best Viewing Distance 16m 10m 8m
MTBF 5000 hours 5000 hours 5000 hours
Protection Level IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Pixel Density 3906 pixels/sq.m 10000 pixels/sq.m 15625 pixels/sq.m
Drive Mode Static Scan 1/2 Scan 1/4 Scan
Viewing Angle 110°(Horizontal),110°(Vertical) 140°(Horizontal),140°(Vertical) 140°(Horizontal),140°(Vertical)

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  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 SupportMicrosoft® Windows® 10 Support
  • Smooth Video Playback
  • LAN and WIFI SupportLAN and WIFI Support
  • Temperature and brightness SensorsTemperature and brightness Sensors
  • Aluminum IP 65 rated cabinetAluminum IP 65 rated cabinet
  • Easy and affordable MaintenanceEasy and affordable Maintenance
  • Two year warrantyTwo year warranty
  • Free ShippingFree Shipping

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The multiple options available for the Great Image Professional LED Display ensure all your promotional needs can be met in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. All 3 variants of the LED sign provide the benefits mentioned above, making this LED sign a must-have for any business that wants to project its projects digitally, regardless of the setting, in a clear and visually striking manner.
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