Small programmable led signs? Plus 5 things to consider before buying small led sign

Small programmable led signs? Plus 5 things to consider before buying small led sign

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When thinking about the size of a led sign or electronic billboard, there are typically three categories: Small, Medium, and Large.

Small programmable led signs are great for small business advertising. The signs are typically cost-effective and within reach for most small businesses and non-profits like churches and schools.

Small digital billboards can be as small as 12 inches X 12 inches which are used as small informational smalls, for example, window led displays. The most popular sizes are 2 feet x 3 feet, 2 feet x 5 feet, 3 feet x 6 feet, 4 feet x 8 feet, and 5 feet x 9 feet. However, small digital led signs can be as big as 6 feet x 12 feet, which gives small companies a big impression.

What you will love about small led screens, especially outdoor led signs, is they can often seem larger than the actual size. This effect is achievable because the software allows you to scale the content to fill the screen. Combined with a creative transition effect, you show entire messages that grab attention from hundreds of feet away.

Consider these five things when shopping for a small programmable led sign.

1) Local ordinances and the maximum size allowed for changeable message signs
2) Do you require a permit to install
3) Where are you installing the led sign
4) What kind of structure do you require to support the sign
5) The distance your target view will be to the sign

Now you are ready to invest in a small programmable led sign. Click here to use our build-your-own-led sign tool to customize your small led sign.
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