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    XIGNZ - LED Sign Assembly in under 5 minutes

    The XIGNZ modular platform speeds up the assembly process for LED Signs. With our XIGNZ platform, we can ship orders in days rather than weeks.
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    How to replace the X Series Front Access LED module

    The X Series LED module is a revolutionary LED module that can be replaced in under a minute. Step 1: Identify the two lock points on the module.  Step 2: Insert a 3mm Hex key and twist counterclockwise. Step3: Carefully remove the module from the screen and disconnect the: Power...
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    How to configure the TP LINK CPE210 and CPE510 for use the XMPlayer3

    How to set up your TP Link CPE 210 / 510 Wireless POE antenna for use with your LED Sign?  
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    How to assemble your led sign

    This video illustrates the steps to assemble / set up your LED sign after removing the sections from the crate.  Assembly Instructions   Step 1  Align the LED Sign Sections  After unpacking your X Series LED Sign, arrange your sign cabinets in sequence so that a clear hole aligns with threaded hole.  Step 2  Insert The Bolts  Insert the...
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    Display Parameter Archive

    Parameter files for the P10 160mm X 320 mm and P8 128 mm X 256 mm
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    How to adjust ads to full screen

    Follow the steps in the video to set your ads to full screen.
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